Badal and Kreyling Backroads Tennessee
"Ammon said unto him: I am a man; and man in the beginning was created after the image of God, and I am called by his Holy Spirit to teach these things unto this people, that they may be brought to a knowledge of that which is just and true; And a portion of that Spirit dwelleth in me, which giveth me knowledge and also power according to my faith and desires which are in God."
Alma 18:34-35

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

A Note From Elder Kreyling's Parents

We have had enjoyed making this blog for those interested in following Barry's mission these last 2+ years. What has added more to our joy has been seeing Barry grow in so many ways. As we read his last e-mail, which is posted below this one, we can see how service to his God and his fellow man has caused him to grow closer to the Savior. It has also developed in him charity for all. We can feel the strength in his testimony. We are grateful that we have had this opportunity to share in Barry's missionary experience. Our testimonies of the gospel have grown through this experience. We thank all who have supported Barry through letters and prayers and those in the field, his mission Presidents and their wives, members and investigators who treated him kindly, companions from whom he learned so much and anyone he came in contact with that treated him good, may God bless you all. We give thanks to our Heavenly Father and our Savior for we have been truly blessed.

Monday, April 16, 2012

E-mail #16 of 2012 4/16/2012 Week 104

Elder Kreyling Two Years Ago As He Starts His Mission

Elder Barry Kreyling's Last E-mail From The Mission Field

Hola familia!!!
Nelson and one of his sons were at church yesterday! I don't doubt that their family will join the church in the near future Everyone else is about the same.
Well, I received a letter from dad on saturday. It said, " I know that you're having mixed feelings. That's normal" Dad, you were spot on. As excited as I am to see family and friends again I wish that this experience could be prolonged. Good byes are hard... It is a very bittersweet feeling. Well, in zone leader council and a couple of conference calls that we've had I've been asked to share my testimony and I'm glad to do that again...
I have loved being a missionary. I will always love and appreciate this opportunity that I've had to serve the Lord and his children here. This is the greatest cause that the Lord has allowed me to be a part of. I know that this is the Lord's work and that he is the master and author of it. I know that this is the best thing that I could have done these past two years. I know that Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ live and. They have done so much for me. I am eternally indebted to them. I know that they love us all and that their love is eternal and perfect. Jesus is the Christ. He atoned for our sins. I know that Christ invites all men to repent and to come unto him He has the power to cleanse and heal us. He knows us personally. I love Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ for everything they have done for me and for everyone. I know that the Restoration of the Church and Gospel of Jesus Christ took place through Joseph Smith. The spirit has testified to me on several occasions that he indeed is the prophet of the Restoration. I testify that this Church and Gospel are true. I have seen them change the lives of many people. They have changed my life. I know that the coming forth of the Book of Mormon took place as part of the Restoration. I know it is true scripture as is the Bible because it has brought me closer to Christ. I testify that the Plan of Salvation is the Lord's work and glory that provides the way for us to return to his presence after this life. I know that because of this plan our families have the opportunity to be eternal, to live together forever. I'm so grateful for this knowlege. I love all of you whether I know you personally or not. I know that these things are true and I testify of them in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen.
Thank you all for everything that you've done to support and help me. I love and appreciate all of y'all Take care and I'll see you soon!!!
Elder Barry Kreyling
Q. ¿Qué ha pasado con Lauren, está progresando?
A. Esta progresando lo mismo.
Q. ¿Saben algo de las M.?
A. No.
Q. ¿Cuántas corbatas tienes? Necesito que las traigas todas porque quiero usarlas para un proyecto con los Presbíteros de nuestro barrio.
A. 30 mas o menos.
Q. ¿Necesitas dinero para mandar las cajas y tu bicicleta? Yo deposite más dinero en la cuenta para que mandes tus cosas.
A. Si, conseguire mas.

Monday, April 9, 2012

E-mail #15 of 2012 4/9/2012 Week 103

One more letter and his journey will be completed.

Carta # 15 de abril 8 del 2012

Hola familia!

Well, today I'm emailing you from Morristown, TN! On the same day that we found out about the problems with our last investigator, President I. told us that two missionaries up here were sent home. One of Elder S. old areas is here in Morristown and it just happened to be the area that those two Elders were sent from. So, we have done a few exchanges to get the work going up here. Elder S. and I picked up another Elder and headed up here. I stayed the weekend with Elders T. and R. in Bays Mountain, which is one of the two areas in Morristown, Elder S. and the other Elder went to Cherokee lake, the other Morristown area. There are several investigators close to baptism that Elder S. was working with while he was serving here. But, because of the lack of work they came to a standstill in their progression. So, Elder S. has been seeing them and one of them now has a date!

We are having Family Home Evening tonight with family in the ward. They speak Spanish and they have invited a couple of Spanish families, including N. and his family! N. and his family came to church a few weeks ago. I think the wife has family that is members. I spoke with N. on the phone this past Saturday and he told me that they want our help to learn about the church. Perfect! They were also given a Book of Mormon a couple of months ago. N. said they've liked what they've read so far we are excited for this family! still progressing gradually.

I was thinking back on experiences that I've had on the mission. I remember one time when I was in the south Pittsburg area around Christmas of 2010. I was there on an exchange. We went to visit a couple. I believe the wife was less active and the husband was excommunicated. We had a good visit with them. I remember that as we were leaving their home the husband said, "There’s just something about you... You'll do fine". When trying times have come like with what's happened last week, I think back on experiences like those. There have been things like that that people have said and done, that help me know that the Lord's promise in D & C 84 is true ."88 And whoso receiveth you, there I will be also, for I will go before your face. I will be on your right hand and on your left, and my Spirit shall be in your hearts, and mine angels round about you, to bear you up." I have felt the Lord's support during this time and many others. I know that although those girls haven't been baptized yet that, "all things have been done in the wisdom of him who aknoweth all things." As stated in 2 Nephi 2 : 24. The Church is true. Our Heavenly Father lives and is ever mindful of us. I love you all!


Elder Barry Kreyling

Monday, April 2, 2012

E-mail #14 of 2012 4/2/2012 Week 102

Carta #14 abril 1, del 2012

Hola familia!

Feliz cumpleanos a Mom y Shan!

Well, I think I told you last time that we'd had some of the most up and down days ever. Well, since then we had one of the most up and down weeks since I've been serving. We went to talk with one of our investigators like I said we'd be doing. We resolved the concerns. Then we went over to Bishop's to talk about it and we had things straightened out. Then, this investigator called the next morning (Tue.) and was kind of upset because some of the family was throwing a surprise birthday party for the girls' grandmother on Saturday at around the same time as the baptism was scheduled. She said she got mad at them for doing it on short notice like that because we'd had the baptisms planned for about two weeks now. So, she asked if we could do the baptisms another day. After thinking about it and talking with Bishop and others we decided to have the baptisms on Wednesday. She was a bit hesitant at first, but then she agreed to it. So, we were so excited for them to be baptized! Then, Bishop called us back. He asked us to put the phone on speaker so we could both here. There was a problem which I cannot share. The baptism was being postponed indefinite. My heart dropped. That was one of the hardest things that I had to hear. Because of all the mess, the baptism is off and I'm not sure what will happen to them or if we'll be able to see them again. Right now I'm just praying for the Lord to take care of them because we've done everything that we can. Well, I told you this first so that I can end this email on a good note haha

So, we were able to teach L. again. She's still doing well. We gave her the D & C DVDs and encouraged her to watch the Joseph Smith movie as she is still seeking to know that he's a prophet. In preparation for general conference we encouraged her to have questions in her mind and heart like "was Joseph Smith a Prophet" and " is Thomas S. Monson a Prophet". We promised her that she'd receive answers to her questions as she watched conference and the movies. She seemed to like the idea. We'll be seeing her this Wednesday so I'll let you know how that goes.

My favorite parts of conference were Elder Holland’s and Elder D. Todd Kristofferson’s talks. I want to say this to L. The thought that came to mind when I heard them speaking was, "L, be baptized!" haha. Conference was great over all.

Well, I think that's everything for this week. I hope y'all have a great week. I love y'all and you're in my prayers!


Elder Barry Kreyling

Q. ¿Se bautizaron las niñas M. el viernes?

A. No...

Q, ¿Y qué ha pasado con los otros investigadores, están progresando?

A. L. está progresando. Ella vio la conferencia general.

Q. ¿Consiguieron un apartamento para moverse?

A. Todavía no.

Q. ¿Necesitas dinero para mandar tus cosas?

A. A lo mejor sí. Conseguiré un poco de la tarjeta de dad.

Q. ¿Tienes preguntas para nosotros?

A. Creo que no.

Monday, March 26, 2012

Flight Plans and Release Date

We received Barry's release date and travel plans today. He will be coming home April 19th. Even though he would like to stay out longer we are exited that he will be home soon. We have been richly blessed while he has served the Lord.

E-mail #13 of 2012 3/26/2012 Week 101

Hola familia!
The email today will be fairly brief because we have things that we need to get taken care of. This week has been an eventful one. We had quite a few lessons with the M. Those girls are so smart! As we went over "honor thy father and thy mother" during the lesson on the ten commandments H. asked us about Heavenly Mother! They ask some pretty deep questions haha. It has been a great experience teaching them. They came to church yesterday and seemed to enjoy it. Before church started they were interviewed for baptism and they passed! We think the baptisms will still go through but we will be speaking with the mother about something right after we finish emailing. We are praying that all goes well for this family. They mean a lot to us.
On saturday the M. came to the church building for an easter egg hunt. The whole family seemed to get some really good fellowship there. Also, N. and his family were there. They seemed to enjoy themselves too.
We weren't able to have a lesson with L. this past week. It was spring break. We thought we'd be able to teach her a bit more since she didn't have to worry about school. But, we weren't able to work out a time to see her. But, she came to church yesterday so she is still progressing little by little.
Overall things are going well. I'm pretty sure y'all have already been doing this but if you could pray for the M. family (J., H. and A.) that would be great! Especially J. as she's been having some opposition recently. Thanks so much for everything y'all do to support the work. Thank you for your prayers on my behalf and for others. We need to get going but I love y'all infinity!
Elder Barry Kreyling
Q. Como les va con las niñas M.

A. Up and down. The girls are progressing well. There have been some miscommunications and misunderstandings between the mother and some members. She feels like she's being judged. So, we will be talking with her right after we are done emailing today.

Q. Como les va con L. & S.?

A. Bien. No tuvimos una leccion pero ella asistio a la iglesia ayer.

Monday, March 19, 2012

E-mail #12 of 2012 3/19/2012 Week 100

Hola familia!!!
Well, we had several exciting things happen this week! The most exciting thing is that H. and A. M.l have accepted to be baptized on the 31st!!! Yay! We are so excited for them and they are super excited to be baptized. So, we taught them on Thursday. We were talking about love and how we show our love to others by doing certain things. We related that to Heavenly Father and keeping his commandments with an emphasis on baptism. They were expressing so much desire to be baptized. J. said that if they want to be baptized they can So, we set a date with them for the 31st. They were so happy! We made a baptismal calendar to help them see everything that needs to happen before they are baptized. These girls are so smart it's incredible. Our team up said as the lesson was going on he thought of scriptures that speak of children prophesying. I thought to myself, " yeah and they don't even have the gift of the holy ghost yet!" These girls are just amazing. I'm so grateful that the Lord has blessed Elder S. and I with them. So, we were hoping to see them on Friday as well but J. texted us and said that they were down in Athens for the weekend. We asked her if they wanted to come to church. She said that she'd ask them and let us know. Just before 1030 that night she texted us and said that she needed to go to Athens the next day to get the girls because they wanted to meet with us and then go to church on Sunday! I think their grandparents actually got them but we saw them on saturday and had another good lesson with them. Our teamup was a kid named C. M. He was baptized in Montana about 15 months ago. We are working on helping him serve a mission. We're confident he will especially after helping teach and baptize H. and A. So, yesterday the M. were supposed to come to church. We texted them and they said they were getting ready but they'd be late. After some time had passed and they still weren't there we got a text from J. She expressed having car problems. We called her up and their car was acting up so they weren't able to make it yesterday. But, the girls were pretty sad because they weren't able to be at church. They are so committed we just need to help them get there! We are so excited for this family. The Lord has truly blessed us.
I can't remember if I've already mentioned a girl named L. or not. Well, the sister missionaries have been teaching her. She and some other members, including her boyfriend S. who has the same birthday as I do, had expressed a few times that they wanted us to teach her. We put it off for a while because we didn't want the sisters to feel like we were stealing their investigator or something. The members brought it up again so this past week we talked with the sisters about it. We made the transition and we taught L. once this week. She is studying to be a lawyer so she is very intellectual. We taught her about faith. We left her with a Restoration DVD and with scriptures from the Bible and the Book of Mormon showing how they speak of each other. The next morning we asked S. how he thought it went. He sent us several texts saying how excited they were. He said that they read the scriptures together after we left and it was her idea. She liked them So, she is progressing well right now. This week is spring break here and they aren't going anywhere. So, no school and no work= lots of teaching!
Overall things are going great here! We are really excited. Oh, just a side not the zone has eight baptisms so far and with the current commitments we have we will end the month with 13 baptisms in the zone! We are so excited!!!
Well, that's everything for this week. Thanks for all of your support it is much appreciated! Well, I am on my last minute on the computer so I gotta go! Love y'all!!!
Elder Barry Kreyling
Q. ¿Como estas hijito?
A. Muy bien!
Q. ¿Qué ha pasado con la familia M.? Todavía tienen planes de bautizarse?
A. Todavia estan alli. Y las hijas tienen animo para bautizarse
Q. ¿Recibiste los dear elders?
A. Si! Muchisimas gracias!
Q. ¿Por qué tienen que moverse de apartamento?
A. Basicamente apartamento que tenemos ahora es viejo, pequeno y huele feo. Las personas que vivian en este apartamento antes de los misioneros fumaron. No es un lugar donde el espiritu puede morar facilmente.
Q. ¿Tuviste cambios y ya tienes un nuevo apartamento?
A. Ya tuvimos traslados. Todavia no tenemos un nuevo apartamento.
Q. ¿Están progresando los investigadores que estaban enseñando?
A. Si! H. y A. y L.
Q. ¿Ya mandaste las cajas con tus cosas, o necesitas dinero para mandarlas?
A. Todavia no. Creo que tendre bastante dinero pero les dire si no asi es.
Q. ¿Tuviste tiempo para comer en un restaurante?
A. haha todavia no.

Monday, March 12, 2012

E-mail #11 of 2012 3/12/2012 Week 99

Hola familia,
Well, my email today will need to be a bit short. I'm using the express computer because all of the others are taken right now! It only allows fifteen minutes of use so I must be brief.
Yesterday there was a family (the D) that brought a Hispanic family to church. Legit! I spoke with the family briefly before they went to the Sunday school classes. We think the sisters want to teach them (they might be in their area) but we talked with the family and it looks like we'll be teaching them. The sisters are teaching an investigator in our area so they should be understanding. Plus, the family is Spanish speaking and the sisters don't speak Spanish. So, it looks like I can use my Spanish a bit
We weren't able to see the M. this week. We talked with J. (the mother) a couple of times. She said the girls are still doing well. J. just recently got a job! So, we think that'll be good for her and the girls. We are planning on committing them for baptism on the 31st the next time we see them. We will plan of having the baptism in between the sessions of conference.
In the YSA branch we are starting to work with a young lady named L.. She's the girlfriend of a member. The sisters have been teaching her but she and her boyfriend have recently asked us to teach her. So, we will see how things go
Well, everything here is going well. Oh, I didn't give you the apartment address because we should hopefully be moving soon and I don't want something to be sent to the apartment after we've already moved out. Can't you send whatever it is to me through the mission office? But, here it is: ________________________________. If you do send it to the apartment make sure you send it soon in case we do move in the next little bit. Well, it was good to hear that everything back home is going well. I hope y'all have a great week. The church is true! I love y'all!!!
Elder Barry Kreyling
Q. ¿Cómo te va?

A. Bien!

Q. ¿Ya encontraron un apartamento?

A. Todavia no.... Ayer hablamos con el hermano N. de pleasant ridge. El esta en "real estate" o algo asi. Me dijo cuando estaba en Pleasant Ridge south que si necesito ayuda con encontrando un apartamento dondequiera que sirva que puedo pedirle ayuda. Entonces esperamos que el puede ayudarnos.

Q. ¿Te mandamos dos dear-elder y deben llegar pronto. Dad sent quotes que están buenos para usar.

A. Gracias!!!

Q. ¿So, your work is bilingual?

A. Si, estamos en un companierismo cebra.

Q. Have you been helping with the clean up after the tornados devastations?

A. No.

Q. In what way did the tornados affect your work?

A. They haven't really affected it to much. Knoxville wasn't his as hard as surrounding areas. I can't remember if I mentioned this to you last time but President Irion got all of the Zone Leaders these weather radio things. They look almost like walkie talkies

Q. How long is supposed to take for n interview?

A. Baptismal Interview? Well, they should be around 15 to 20 minutes. I can't remember if I told you this either but Elder S. interview was done by Elder H. It was just him and Elder H. for one hour. So, he's used to an hour long interview. It was just funny for that interview he gave because he said all of the previous interviews he'd done had been about an hour long. But, he had to do this one in about 15 minutes because we had a stake correlation meeting to go to.

Q. ¿Qué hay de nuevo con los investigadores?

A. Nada mucho.

Q. ¿Fueron a la capilla las M.-fueron a la capilla?

A. No, estaban en Athens.

Q. ¿Cuándo vas a mandar las cajas con tus cosas?

A. No se. Hoy o el proximo dia de preparacion.

Q. ¿Fueron a comer a un lugar bueno con el dinero que sacaste del banco?

A. Todavia no. Pero, vamos a comer algun dia.

Q. What classes did you take before you left? I know calculus but I can’t remember what else.

A. Calculus, English 1010, Communications i think it was 1010 (interpersonal), lib 1010, and I got biology credits for working with the soccer teams.

Monday, March 5, 2012

E-mail #10 of 2012 3/5/2012 Week 98

Hola familia!!!

Well the M. girls are doing well. They were in Athens yesterday so they weren't at church yesterday. But, they are excited for church this next sunday The mother wasn't very comfortable being at church when they came two sundays ago. We are still helping her feel comfortable with coming back to church and allowing the girls to attend church and be baptized. But, the girls are excited for everything We are praying continuously for them. They are so sweet. Well, I'll tell you what our last lesson was like. We went over there with the new assistant ward mission leader, Bro O. We watched the Restoration DVD. The girls really enjoyed it and it helped J. remember a lot of things. So, it was good for all of them. We then read a chapter from the Book of Mormon. Those girls are only eight and ten but I tell you what, they can read! We were blown away haha. They are very smart. Well, after that we committed them to read one chapter from the Book of Mormon every day. So, now we will be keeping tabs on that.
So, a couple of the pictures that I've attatched are from the first Zone Leader Council that Elder S. and I went to. Sitting on the couch on the right is President and Sister Irion. On the left on the couch are the S.. Elder S. is the physician for the area that our mission is in. Standing behind the couch are the Assistants and all of the Zone Leaders for the mission. I'll tell you all of their names in case you'd like to know. Starting from the back left it goes as follows... Elder S., Elder B., Elder J., Elder R., Elder S., Elder B., Elder G., Elder D., Elder H. (the one I trained for a whole three days!) and myself. This past tuesday we had another Zone Leader Council. Although they take a good chuck of our day they are very rewarding I think. To me they are very revelatory and inspiring. Also, the Irions feed us! This past week we had ministrone soup... In bread bowls!!! So good
As zone leaders we have the opportunity to meet with the Stake President and Stake Mission Leader once a month on the first thursday of the month. So, that's what we did this past thursday. Before the meeting started we had to interview one of the District Leader's investigators for baptism. Elder S. did the interview. Apparently before that his shortest interview was one hour! But, he had to do this one in about 20 minutes. The boy's name is J. and he was baptized and confirmed yesterday!
On wednesday we went down to Pigeon Forge (Sevierville) to interview an investigator for baptism. He is hispanic so I did the interview It was nice to be able to speak some spanish. His name is F. and he was baptized and confirmed on saturday! It was pretty cool because he briefly told me his story and it seems pretty similar to yours mom!
The zone is doing well right now. We are expecting only better in the near future Well, I think that's everything for this week. Things are going well here. I love being a missionary!!! The church is true! Love y'all!
Elder Barry Kreyling
P.S. I took some videos of the storm but they take up too much space with the pictures that I'm sending today. So, I'll send you a video next week
Q. ¿Cómo van progresando con los 12 futuros baptismos?
A. Bien! Haha

Q. ¿Cómo están A. and H., fue a la iglesia la mamá?

A. Bien

Q. ¿Encontraron un apartamento para moverse?

A. Todavia no...

Q. Hay algo en especial que necesitas que te mande?

A. Creo que no.

Monday, February 27, 2012

E-mail #9 of 2012 2/27/2012 Week 97

Hola familia!!!
Hey so, I'm trying to figure out what those two things are... If you are wanting more pictures I don't have my camera with me today. Sorry! Oh, I can't remember if I've already commented on this but tell the Hurts that I say thanks for their letter. Also, I got a letter from Abuela Cristina. Gracias! Oh! I got the wedding announcement for Jack'ee and Jason. The last of my three sisters is getting married. Crazy! Tell them I said thanks for sending it I hope these are the things you wanted to hear from me.
Well, things are going pretty well here. The zone is doing great right now. We currently have 12 investigators with a baptismal date. There should be more on the way soon! We've been working with a family called the M. The mother (J) was a member down in Athens, TN. For whatever reason she no longer is a member. She has no hard feelings toward the church or anything. She has two unbaptized girls named H and A. They are really sweet girls. But, just recently we helped them move to a lower apartment. The reason for the move is that A is in a wheelchair because she has s. So, we helped them move and that got our foot in the door We taught them this past saturday. They really want to start coming to church. We arranged a ride for them and they came yesterday! So exciting! We are hoping to set a baptismal date with them asap. They are sweet girls and deserve the blessings that the gospel has to offer them.
This past week was quite eventful! We had two exchanges. One was with the Assistants and the other was with Bays Mountain (Morristown). I was in our area for both exchanges. I was first with Elder J. (AP). It was fun. He went to Orem high school. I told him that we played his school in soccer my senior year but I didn't mention that we beat them Then, I was with Elder R (not from our ward) and he too is from St. George! He went to Pineview but doesn't know any of our friends or relatives that went there. We had a good time on both exchanges. We are in the process of finding a new apartment to move into. We thought we had one lined up. We went over with the Sr. Sister missionary who's in charge of the housing for missionaries. She really seemed to like it and it was in the price range. Last night she texted us and told us to go sign the paperwork. We were going to go over to do that today but she called this morning and told us that we won't be moving there anymore. She didn't say exactly why but she said moving us there would be like trying to jump the grand canyon. So, we will be doing a bit more searching in the next little bit.
Those are all the highlights for this week. We are really excited for the M girls. They have a special place in our hearts. The work is going well here and I love being a missionary! The church is true. I know it!
I hope y'all have a great week. I love y'all!!!
Elder Kreyling
Las preguntas semanales de mamá
Q. ¿Como estas esta semana?
A. Bien!
Q. ¿Cómo están los investigadores?
A. Bien
Q. ¿Cuál es tu himno favorito de esta semana?
A. Mas santidad da me
Q. ¿Escritura favorita?

A. Jacob 2 : 18 -19
Q. ¿Te llego la caja con tus golosinas?
A. Si! Muchas gracias!