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"Ammon said unto him: I am a man; and man in the beginning was created after the image of God, and I am called by his Holy Spirit to teach these things unto this people, that they may be brought to a knowledge of that which is just and true; And a portion of that Spirit dwelleth in me, which giveth me knowledge and also power according to my faith and desires which are in God."
Alma 18:34-35

Monday, March 19, 2012

E-mail #12 of 2012 3/19/2012 Week 100

Hola familia!!!
Well, we had several exciting things happen this week! The most exciting thing is that H. and A. M.l have accepted to be baptized on the 31st!!! Yay! We are so excited for them and they are super excited to be baptized. So, we taught them on Thursday. We were talking about love and how we show our love to others by doing certain things. We related that to Heavenly Father and keeping his commandments with an emphasis on baptism. They were expressing so much desire to be baptized. J. said that if they want to be baptized they can So, we set a date with them for the 31st. They were so happy! We made a baptismal calendar to help them see everything that needs to happen before they are baptized. These girls are so smart it's incredible. Our team up said as the lesson was going on he thought of scriptures that speak of children prophesying. I thought to myself, " yeah and they don't even have the gift of the holy ghost yet!" These girls are just amazing. I'm so grateful that the Lord has blessed Elder S. and I with them. So, we were hoping to see them on Friday as well but J. texted us and said that they were down in Athens for the weekend. We asked her if they wanted to come to church. She said that she'd ask them and let us know. Just before 1030 that night she texted us and said that she needed to go to Athens the next day to get the girls because they wanted to meet with us and then go to church on Sunday! I think their grandparents actually got them but we saw them on saturday and had another good lesson with them. Our teamup was a kid named C. M. He was baptized in Montana about 15 months ago. We are working on helping him serve a mission. We're confident he will especially after helping teach and baptize H. and A. So, yesterday the M. were supposed to come to church. We texted them and they said they were getting ready but they'd be late. After some time had passed and they still weren't there we got a text from J. She expressed having car problems. We called her up and their car was acting up so they weren't able to make it yesterday. But, the girls were pretty sad because they weren't able to be at church. They are so committed we just need to help them get there! We are so excited for this family. The Lord has truly blessed us.
I can't remember if I've already mentioned a girl named L. or not. Well, the sister missionaries have been teaching her. She and some other members, including her boyfriend S. who has the same birthday as I do, had expressed a few times that they wanted us to teach her. We put it off for a while because we didn't want the sisters to feel like we were stealing their investigator or something. The members brought it up again so this past week we talked with the sisters about it. We made the transition and we taught L. once this week. She is studying to be a lawyer so she is very intellectual. We taught her about faith. We left her with a Restoration DVD and with scriptures from the Bible and the Book of Mormon showing how they speak of each other. The next morning we asked S. how he thought it went. He sent us several texts saying how excited they were. He said that they read the scriptures together after we left and it was her idea. She liked them So, she is progressing well right now. This week is spring break here and they aren't going anywhere. So, no school and no work= lots of teaching!
Overall things are going great here! We are really excited. Oh, just a side not the zone has eight baptisms so far and with the current commitments we have we will end the month with 13 baptisms in the zone! We are so excited!!!
Well, that's everything for this week. Thanks for all of your support it is much appreciated! Well, I am on my last minute on the computer so I gotta go! Love y'all!!!
Elder Barry Kreyling
Q. ¿Como estas hijito?
A. Muy bien!
Q. ¿Qué ha pasado con la familia M.? Todavía tienen planes de bautizarse?
A. Todavia estan alli. Y las hijas tienen animo para bautizarse
Q. ¿Recibiste los dear elders?
A. Si! Muchisimas gracias!
Q. ¿Por qué tienen que moverse de apartamento?
A. Basicamente apartamento que tenemos ahora es viejo, pequeno y huele feo. Las personas que vivian en este apartamento antes de los misioneros fumaron. No es un lugar donde el espiritu puede morar facilmente.
Q. ¿Tuviste cambios y ya tienes un nuevo apartamento?
A. Ya tuvimos traslados. Todavia no tenemos un nuevo apartamento.
Q. ¿Están progresando los investigadores que estaban enseñando?
A. Si! H. y A. y L.
Q. ¿Ya mandaste las cajas con tus cosas, o necesitas dinero para mandarlas?
A. Todavia no. Creo que tendre bastante dinero pero les dire si no asi es.
Q. ¿Tuviste tiempo para comer en un restaurante?
A. haha todavia no.

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