Badal and Kreyling Backroads Tennessee
"Ammon said unto him: I am a man; and man in the beginning was created after the image of God, and I am called by his Holy Spirit to teach these things unto this people, that they may be brought to a knowledge of that which is just and true; And a portion of that Spirit dwelleth in me, which giveth me knowledge and also power according to my faith and desires which are in God."
Alma 18:34-35

Monday, March 28, 2011

Week 13 of 2011 E-mail 3/28/2011 Week 49

I was with the only girl yikes!
Hola Familia!

This past week has been good. The Elders in the Dalton East area had three baptisms this weekend! They were all spanish. Both the east and west (our area) have a lot of spanish. But, there is still a pretty noticeable difference between the amount in our area and theirs. Our area has more wealthy people and their area is not so wealthy. So, it's interesting how big of a difference there can be from one side of town to the other. But anyways, this past week we found a good number of new investigators. The ones that stand out right now are the two we found yesterday. We were tracting and we knocked on the door and a young lady came and we introduced ourselves and told her why we were there. There was another man there and she invited us in. They had their Bible on the table and they told us they had been studying. After talking for a min Elder Hedgecock started talking about the way back to heaven. The man (Solomon) asked what we believed the way was. We told him Jesus Christ is. It turns out that was the part they were reading in the bible where Jesus Christ says that he is the way. That was pretty cool! Then, we shared with them the last verse in 2 Nephi 31 to show that the Bible and the Book of Mormon testify of the same things. We ended up getting a return appointment this coming saturday with them. Their names are S. and M.. They seem pretty cool. I'll let ya know how it goes with them next week. We also went with Obispo Torres to see L. who is the Daughter of a member who was baptized around a year ago. We had quite a long lesson with her but it turned out pretty good. She says she's not sure about the whole being baptized thing right now. But, at the end of the lesson she was saying stuff like I feel better and I feel good. Stuff like that. After church yesterday we had dinner with O. G. (He's from El Salvador!) Then, we ran into this guy who was atheist/anti mormon. He was pretty lame haha. Then, we found S. and M. After that we went back to the church. The spanish ward had a missionary prep class and asked us to help with it. So, we paired up with some of the youth. I was with the only girl yikes! It seemed so weird haha! But, we did some roleplays teaching the Restoration in front of everybody. It was good. It was kinda funny though because the girl I was with had one of those fake babies for a class in school. During our roleplay the baby got a dirty diaper and so she had to leave. So, I was all alone for the last couple of minutes of our roleplay. I like roleplays so it was fine haha. But, I that's all this week. I love y'all!!!

Elder Kreyling

Q. Como estas de salud?
(How is your health?)

A. Bien. (good) I was sick at the beginning of last week but I'm better now See? Haha.

Q. Nos has mandado (Have you sent us) the picture card? It’s past due you know.

A. No, sorry. I'll try getting that to y'all soon.

Q. Cómo va la obra en tu área? (How is the work going in your area?)

A. Bien. (Good)

Q. Alguna experiencia espiritual esta semana y por qué? (Any spiritual experiences this week? Why?)

A. Los bautismos! (The baptisms!)

Q. Himno favorito esta semana? El mío es # 221 Dear to the Heart of the Shepherd. ( Favorite Hymn of the week? Mine is...)

A. Did you think to pray

Q. Obtuviste una licencia de Dalton para visitar en la cárcel? (Did you get a Dalton Drivers license so you can visit the jail?)

A. No

Q. Como está la investigadora M.? Algún progreso con ella? (How is M. doing? Any progress with her?)

A. We haven't been able to meet with her recently. We are going to see her tonight though.

Q. Como están M. y L.? (How are M. and L.?)

A. M. nos dejo (she dropped us). L. esta bien y vamos a trabajar mas con ella. (L. is good and we are going to work more with her.)

Q. Como está C.? (How is C.?)

A. We haven't been able to see him either. They canceled our appointment for some reason. But, as far as we know he's still doing good.

Q. Did you send us a letter where u were gonna tell us about your talk w/ d pres about ur uncle Jule?

A. Not yet. Elder Hedgecock doesn't like writing letters on p day so I'll have to find time throughout the week to write y'all.

Q. Todavía tienes los zapatos? (Do you still have the shoes?)

A. Si. (Yes)

This is Barry's Testimony he wants to share with the world.

I know that The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is Christ's true church. I know that Joseph Smith is his Prophet and that the Book of Mormon is true. I know that Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ live and they love us all. They invite all of us to come unto them through this restored Gospel and Church. I know that God has revealed these truths to me and I cannot deny it. This I leave with you in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Week 12 of 2011 E-mail 3/21/2011 Week 48

Went to jail!

Hola familia!

I got an email from Mckay!! I'm gonna be writing him asap. I also forgot to say that I got letters and cards from Bishop and sister smith and also Jack'ee. Thanks for all of that! Ok. I also forgot to say that we went recently to visit someone in jail! We got a referral and we went to visit this guy. We would go back but we need a Dalton drivers license to go back. It was a pretty sweet experience though. Oh, I also recently bought a cheap blender... So, now I can make smoothies!!! Yay haha Anyways, the work is going well. Something came up and so M. wasn't baptized. We aren't letting that get us down though! She apparently still wants to be baptized but there is just some more work to be done. I'll let y'all know how things progress with her. C. went to a fireside last night! He is doing well we just are working on meeting with him more often. We also have Mi. and Leticia that we just recently found. We haven't seen them too much so we are still trying to see if they are legit. Alright, that's basically everything this week. I'll try to send a package for Dad and Kaylee's b days. It will be late but I'll still work on that. Just know that everything is great and that I love y'all!!!


Elder Kreyling

Mom’s list of questions to share with the world!

Q 1. Como estas? (How are you?)

A. Muy bien (Very good)

Q 2. Cómo va la obra Del Señor en tu área? (How is the Lords work going in your area?)

A. Bien. (Good)

Q 3. Alguna experiencia divertida esta semana y por qué? (Did you have a funny experience this week and why?)

A. Un intercambio. An exchange, I think that's how it's spelled haha.

Q 4. Cual ha sido la experiencia más satisfactoria de esta semana y por qué? (What has been your most satisfying experience this week and why?)

A. We had interviews with President Griffin this past week. He had been going around the zone all day pretty much giving interviews. So, he interviewed four missionaries in our district before me. When it was my turn he said something to the effect of Elder Kreyling lets go for a walk outside. He told me he was tired of sitting down for interviews so we walked around the church parking lot for mine haha!

Q 5. What is one of the things you hope for, for the members there Dalton?

A. That there are more members AKA baptisms!

Q 6. Alguna persona interesante esta semana y por qué? (An interesting person this week and why?)

A. Mi. She reminded me of A. ( I found out her name is actually A.) from Loudon. She was really receptive and accepted a baptismal date in our first visit. But, we aren't really sure if she's legit yet.

Q 7. Cuál es tu himno favorito de esta semana? El mío es # 129 where can I turn for peace. ( What is your favorite hymn this week? Mine is #129)

A. There is sunshine in my soul today.

Q 10. Alguna experiencia spiritual esta semana y por qué? ( Any spiritual experience this week and why?)

A. Interviews with President Griffin.

Q 11. Como les va con M.? Se bautizo? (How did it go with M.? Did she get baptized?)

A. No. It didn't happen. I'll just say that we are going to continue working with her.

Q 12. Que ha pasado con C.? ( What has happened with C.?)

A. We weren't able to meet with him this past week but we have an appointment set up this week.

Q 13. Nuevos contactos esta semana? (Any new contacts this week?)

A. Mi. and L.

Q 14. Hablaste con el pres. acerca de tu tío? ( Did you talk with Pres. about your uncle?)

A. Si, voy a excribirles una carta acerca de eso. (Yes, I'm going to write you a letter about it.)

Q 15. Recibiste los dear elder? I sent two (Did you get the dear elder?)

A. Si, gracias! (Yes thanks)

Q 16. Sabes lo que quieres que te mandemos en la caja? (Do you know what you want us to send in the box?)

A. Wallet sized pictures. Like the ones we took when Jack'ee and everyone was there. Also, didn't you tell me something about a book called "finding the one" or something like that? If so I would like that as well. I believe that's everything as well as the stuff from last week's email.

Q 17. Ya regalaste los zapatos? ( Did you give away the shoes?)

A. Todavia no. ( Not yet.)

Monday, March 14, 2011

E-mail #11 of 2011 3/14 /2011 Week 47

The Most Peaceful He'd Felt in a Long Time

Hola familia!
Well, things are going well here. Oh, our new investigator M. She is doing well. Oh, so my second Sunday here the ward seemed concerned with her getting baptized because she is having a baby out of wed lock. So, we tried telling them that we had already taught her the law of chastity and that she understands that what she did was wrong and she committed to
live the law of chastity. I'm not exactly sure why they were concerned so much about it. We didn't see the problem they did so we left President Griffin a message about it that day. Then, I believe it was on wed our ward mission leader told us that the stake said that we can't teach
her. It was pretty crazy for a while. Then, President Griffin called us and we told him about the ward's concern and that they told us not to teach her. In the end he told us that she can be baptized and so we are still teaching her . So, she is doing well and she is on track for her baptism on Saturday! Then, yesterday we taught the brother of a member in the Spanish ward. Claudio, the investigator, went to church yesterday and was saying that it was the most peaceful he'd felt in a long time. We had a really good lesson with him on the Doctrine of Christ. In the lesson he accepted a soft baptismal commitment. At the end of the lesson he offered the prayer. We were hoping for a moment of silence after the prayer but then his bro was like alright well thanks for coming over! Haha aw man. I bet he is the next one that we commit for a date. I'll let y'all know how it goes with him next time. We also have a few others but we aren't sure how legit they are right now. So, I'll let you know about them next time if they are legit or not. But, I need to get going so I can email President Griffin now. Just know that everything is great and I love y'all!!!

Elder Kreyling

Q. Hablaste con el presidente acerca de tu tío? (Did you talk to the President about your uncle?)

A. No, voy a hacer eso después de que les mande esta carta. (Not yet , I'm going to after I send you this letter.)

Q. Alguna experiencia espiritual esta semana y porque? (Any spiritual experiences this week and why?)

A. Si, ensenamos el hermano (Claudio) de un miembro (Víctor) ayer. Fue una buena lección!Claudio acepto un compromiso suave bautismal (soft baptismal commitment. (Yes, we taught the brother(Claudio) of a member (Victor) yesterday. It was a good lesson. He accepted a soft baptismal commitment.)

Q. De qué ciudad en Washington es tu nuevo comp? (What city in Washington is your companion from?)

A. Richland AKA The Tricities

Q. Escritura favorita de esta semana? La mía es Moroni 7: 45-47 Habla acerca de caridad. (Your favorite scripture this week? Mine is Moroni 7:45 - 47 it talks about charity.)

A. Creo que esta escritura fue mi favorita una vez en el pasado. Pero, Mosiah 2 : 41. La usamos en la lección con Víctor y Claudio. ( I think that thay scripture was my favorite one time. But, Mosiah 2:41. We used it in the lesson with Victor and Claudio.)

Q. Himno favorito de esta semana? El mío es 187 God loved us that he sent his son. (Favorite hymn this week? Mine is "God Loved us so He Sent His Son."

A. Because I have been given much.

Q. Cómo va el trabajo? (How is the work going?)

A. Bien! (Good!)

Q. Tu área nueva es grande o pequeña? Cuéntanos algo en especial y único del área. (Is your new area big or small? Tell us something special and unique about the area?)

A. es media (medium?) Hmmm algo en especial y unico... Hay muchísimas personas hispanas aquí! Y también it has a well known carpet factory. (It's medium size. Hmmm something special and unique... There are a lot of Hispanic people here! And also it has a well known carpet factory.)

Q. Conseguiste la tarjeta para la biblioteca? (Did you get your library card?)

A. No, estoy mandando esta carta del biblioteca de la colegia en Dalton. (No, I am sending this from the college library in in Dalton.)

Q. Encontraron nuevos investigadores en español esta semana? (Did you find any new Hispanic investigators this week.)

A. Si, Claudio y una mujer que se llama Adriana. (Yes, Claudio and a woman named Adriana.)

Q. Quien es tu contacto favorito de esta semana y por qué? (Who is your favorite contact this week and why?)

A. Claudio porque es legit! (Claudio because he is legit!)

Q. Come les va con M.? (How's it going with M.?)

A. Bien, Ella nos dijo (Good. She told us) how much she appreciates us and everything. She basically told us that when she first met us that Jesus told her to listen to us and do the things that we talk about. She is looking good for her baptism this Saturday!

Q. Recibiste los dear elder? (Did you receive the Dear Elder?)

A. No

Q. Sabes lo que quieres te mandemos en la próxima caja? (Do you know what you want us to send you in the next package?)

A. A scripture mastery card, there's this book of gospel pictures from the distribution centerthat I'd like and I'll have to write y'all a card because I don't have the paper that I wrote that stuff down with me right now.

Q. Necesitas medicina o vitaminas? (Do you need any medicine or vitamins?)

A. No gracias, estoy bien. (No thanks, I am fine.)

Q. Que paso con los zapatos y el pantalón? (What happened with the shoes and pants?)

A. Todavía los tengo. Voy a llevar los pantalones pero todavía no se a quien debo dar los zapatos. (I still have them. I'm going to wear the pants but I still don't know who I should give the shoes to.)

Friday, March 11, 2011

Breaking The 400 Day Left Barrier

FYI Less than 400 days until Barry comes home. He is 45.342465% through his mission. Also April 14th will be his "hump day" for those that would care to write him on that day.

Monday, March 7, 2011

E-mail #10 of 2011 3/7 2011 Week 46


Hola familia,

Hey I don't have much time again. I still need to get a library card. So, this will be a short letter. I will talk with President Griffin about unlce Jule and get back to you. This past week we baptized William and his son Donald. Yay! It was a good spiritual experience. Marlene is still doing well. The Bishop has a problem with her getting baptized which I'll explain next time. But, I think she'll still get baptized. Overall the work here is going well. We are having a bit more success in the english work than the spanish right now which is a bit backwards. But, we will get things evened out soon. But, yes I only have like two mins left right now so I need to finish up. Everything is going well and I'm fine. I love y'all and hope y'all have a great week!


Elder Kreyling

1. Are you being obedient?

A. Yes

2. Are you working hard?

A. Yes

3. Are you writing in your journal?

A. Yes

4. Are you taking lots of pictures?

A. Mas o menos. Haha I'm working on it.

5. Are you praying often?

A. Yes

6. Are you being a good companion?

A. I believe so.

7. Do you love the people where you serve?

A. Of course!

Preguntas de la Madre: (Remember son, this is a letter to the world)

Q. ¿Cómo has estado de salud? (How has your health been?)

A. Bien (Good)

Q. ¿Cómo es tu nueva área? (How is your new area?)

A. Bien (Good)

Q. ¿Vives en casa o apartamento? (Do you live in a house or apartment?)

A. Apartamento (Apartment)

Q. ¿A qué distancia les queda la capilla? (How far is the church?)

A. Como tres miles (millas?) algo asi (About three miles or something like that)

Q. ¿Alguna experiencia espiritual esta semana y porque? (Any spiritual experiences this week and why.)

A. El bautismo! (The baptism)

Q. ¿Escritura favorita de esta semana? la mía es D y C 1 23:12 información para misioneros (Favorite scripture of the week? Mine is D&C 123:12)

A. Alma 7 11-14

Q. ¿Cómo te fue con tu nuevo compañero en la primera semana? (How was your first week with your new companion?)

A. Bien. (Good)

Q. ¿De dónde es Elder Hedgecock y cuanto tiempo tiene en la misión? (Where is Elder Hedgecock from and how long has he been out?)

A. Washington state. 21 meses (months)

Q. ¿Cómo les fue en la iglesia esta semana? (How did it go in church on Sunday?)

A. Bien, M. asistio la iglesia. (Good. M. came to church)

Q. ¿Nuevos contactos esta semana? (Any new contacts this week)

A. Darlene. Le comprometimos por bautismo. (Darlene. We committed her for baptism.)

Q. ¿Se bautizo William el sábado y su hijo? (Did William and his son get baptized?

A. Si. (Yes)

Q. ¿Todavía tienen el bautizo con Marlene para el 16? (Do you still have Marlene's baptism on the 16th?)

A. Si. (Yes)

Q. ¿Himno favorito de esta semana? el mío es # 142 dulce hora de oración. (Your favorite hymn of the week? Mine is 142 Sweet Hour of Prayer.)

A. Soy un hijo de dios (I am a Child of God)

Q. ¿Has orado para saber a quién le vas a dar los zapatos? I will still send you another pair. (Have you prayed to know who to give the shoes to?)

A. No, no conozco muchas personas aqui pero voy a hacer eso. The same kind just a bit smaller? (No, I don't know many people here but I am going to do that.)

Q. Since we are sending another pkg, is there anything else you need like herbs or vitamins or anything?

A. Um, I don't need that package super soon. So, I'll pray about this too and get back to ya.

Q. Are you in a car or a bike area now?

A. Car share. We get the car one week and then are one bikes the next week.

Q. Does the car have a lighter? We found the GPS, but can’t find the electric charger for it.

A. Yes it has a lighter thing.