Badal and Kreyling Backroads Tennessee
"Ammon said unto him: I am a man; and man in the beginning was created after the image of God, and I am called by his Holy Spirit to teach these things unto this people, that they may be brought to a knowledge of that which is just and true; And a portion of that Spirit dwelleth in me, which giveth me knowledge and also power according to my faith and desires which are in God."
Alma 18:34-35

Monday, August 29, 2011

E-mail #35 of 2011 8/29/2011 Week 71

Hola familia!
Hey everyone how are y'all doing? So, I still want to get an extension but President Irion hasn't really answered me on that yet. Also, it's something that I need to pray about to really know if this is what I should do. I hope it is!
This past week was a pretty hot one! We were on bikes and the heat takes it's toll on us. Thankfully, there are many kind people here who offer us water Today, we get the car back and I hope we can make it out to some of the areas that are a little further away.
The main highlights for this week were with C. We first taught him on Tuesday. We taught him how he can recognize his answer when it comes. We also taught him a few commandments. He is reading and praying everyday. There was a camp for the young men and he even read during that! He's doing great and I really believe he'll get an answer soon. Yesterday he came to church again. We went with him to the aaronic priesthood class. It was him, Bro. Lunt (the teacher) and us. Bro. Lunt did a great job with the lesson. Then, we watched the Testaments with C. He really seemed to like it.
We found a new family the G. We watched the restoration with them and they seemed to like it. I'll let y'all know how they progress.
Well, I don't have much time left. But, know that I love y'all and the Church is True! I'll talk to y'all next week. Have a great week and I love y'all!
Elder Kreyling

Las preguntas semanales de mamá

Q. ¿Como estas?

A. Bien.

Q. ¿Cómo está la temperatura en tu área?

A. Hace calor. Tambien hay mucho humedo como siempre aca.

Q. ¿Qué paso con el restaurante Salvadoreño? ¿Fueron a comer pupusas?

A. Todavia no. Esta un poco lejos de aqui... Pero, un dia vamos a comer pupusas

Q. ¿Cómo va la obra en tu área?

A. Bien. Tenemos muchos investigadores pero necesitamos ensenarles mas. La mayoria de nuestros investigadores son hispanos.

Q. ¿Cómo van con la clase de ingles?

A. Bien. Habia algunos nuevos visitantes

Q. ¿Escritura favorita esta semana?

A. Moroni 7 acerca de la caridad.

Q. ¿Cómo están los investigadores? G., M., los E., A., su esposa, J. G., G., y C. y J.

A. C. esta progresando muy bien. Debe tener un testimonio personal pronto. Vamos a invitarle a bautizarse pronto. G. ha leido un poco pero no oro. Dijo que quisiera saber si el Libro de Mormon es verdadero pero el asistir a la iglesia no le llama la atencion. Tuvimos una buena y pequena leccion con E. E.. No pudimos contactar los demas esta semana.

Q. ¿Alguna experiencia espiritual esta semana?

A. Miramos la pelicula "los Testamentos" con C.. Le gusto mucho.

Q. ¿Te llego el dear elder?

A. Si, Gracias!

Q. ¿Has usado el Doterra Shield? It’s to repel bugs como los Chiggers y otros bichos.

A. Un poco.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Monday, August 22, 2011

Carta # 34 de 2011 agosto 21

Carta # 34 de 2011 agosto 21

Hola familia!

Por favor digan a Michelle que recibí su carta y voy a escribirle una pronto. Gracias!Please tell Michelle that I got her letter and that I will write to her soon. Thanks!

Hey I'm thinking about getting an extension. I'm going to talk with President Irion about it. If I'm able to get it will something need to be done with my scholarship or anything?

Well this week went pretty well. It was nice having the car but we have to give it to the other Elders for this week. We picked up a couple of new investigators. They are the wives of G. and A. In that order they are G. and M. We hope that we can start teaching both of these families a couple of times throughout each week. They show good potential.

We tried seeing the E. [family] a couple of times but they weren't there. We were able to talk with Hermano E. yesterday. We are going to try working more with him. I can't remember if I said this before but he works the night shift and he leaves around three which is around when is kids come home from school. So, there isn't a lot of time to teach them as a family. Lately we have been going in the evenings when the wife and kids are there. He made it sound like he wants us to see him earlier in the day. So, we hope that's a good sign that he's interested in learning more.

We taught A, his wife and their two kids the couple of principles of the Restoration. They said they will finish reading the pamphlet before our next meeting this Friday. They show good potential and we are excited to see how they progress.

We saw J. G. and taught him those first priciples of the Restoration also. He too said he will read the rest of the Pamphlet. Hopefully we can reactivate his family and get him baptized in the process

We saw G. and read another chapter in the Book of Mormon with him. We left him with a reading assignment and we really hope that he reads!

We haven't been able to see Ch. this past week because he's in school now and his dad works when he's not in school. But, J. said he won't be working much this week so we should be able to get some lessons with them this week! Ch is in 2 Nephi! He's still doing really well with keeping his commitments. I say that he will be baptized soon and within this transfer.

Overall things are going well here. I can't believe this is my fifth transfer here! Crazy! I wouldn't mind staying longer or maybe even going to the other Dalton area. I really love the area and the people here. But, I'll do what the Lord reveals to President Irion because I know that He knows what’s best.

Well, I believe that is everything I have for y'all this week. I know the Church is true! May the Lord bless you all. I love y'all! I send my love to EVERYONE. Friends and family. Well, we're all family. Anyway, much love and take care!


Elder Barry Kreyling

Lista de preguntas semanales de mamá.

Mom’s list of questions for the week.

Q. ¿Cómo les fue en la capilla esta semana? How was church this week?

A. Bien, Ch. D. asistió otra vez. Su padre trabaja menos esta semana entonces podemos ensenarle más!Good, Ch D. came to church again. His dad is working less this week, so we can teach him more!

Q. ¿Paso algo interesante de la semana? Anything intersting happened this week?

A. Si! Fuimos a ensenar a S. R. con un futuro misionero que se llama Cody Richards. Después de ensenarle tocamos por su apartamento. Un hombre abrió la puerta e inmediatamente dijo "Come in!!!". Haha. El y su familia estaban teniendo una fiesta para el cumpleaños de una muchacha que se llama Blessing. Ellos nos dieron de comer postre y helado. Compartimos un mensajito y le dimos a Blessing una tarjeta con pictura de Cristo.

Yes! We went to teach S. R. with a future missionary name is Cody Richards. After teaching we went to knock on an appt. a man opened the door and immediately said “Come in” Haha. Him and his family were having a b-day party for a girl name Blessing. They gave us cake and ice cream. We shared a message with them and we gave Blessing a picture of Christ.

Q. ¿Cómo están tus investigadores? How are your investigators?

A. Bien tenemos unas familias que tienen mucha potencial. Good we have some families that have some potencial.

Q. ¿Tienen nuevos investigadores por los que debemos orar? Do you have new investigators for which we need to pray?

A. Si, A. y su familia, G. y su familia y G. Gracias! Yes, A. and his family and G. and his family and G.Thank you!

Q. ¿Necesitas medicinas/vitaminas? Do you need medicine/Vitamins?

A. No gracias.. No thank you

Q. ¿has leído el documento del 4th misionero y que piensas? Have you read the 4th missionary and what do you think?

A. Si, me gusto. Voy a repasarlo y marcar algunas partes. Yes, I liked it. I’ll go over it and mark some parts.

Q. ¿Te gusto la leche de coco que te mande? Did you like the coconut milk I sent you?

A. Si gracias. Yes thank you.

Q. ¿Quieres que te mande más? Do you want me to send more?

A. Si está bien si hay espacio haha. Yes, that’s good if there is room haha.

Q. ¿Cómo te va con tu nuevo compañero? How are things with your new comp?

A. Elder T.? Bien. Elder T.? Good.

Dad’s questions

Q. Are you being obedient?

A. Si. Yes.

Q. Are you working hard/smart?

A. Si. Estamos haciendo lo mejor posible. Yes. We are doing our best possible.

Q. Writing in your journal?

A. Si. Still catching up. Como se dice esto? Yes. How do you say this?

Q. Taking lots of pictures?

A. Mas o menos. More or less.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

E-mail #33 of 2011 8/15/2011 Week 69

Elder Kreyling with new mission President Irion and Sister Irion

Hola familia,
Yes I know I only have 8 months left. It's pretty sad. The time is going by too quickly...
Well, this week we weren't able to teach C. D.. But, he still came to church with his dad. He is reading and praying everyday! He is our one progressing investigator right now. He should have a testimony soon. Once he has a testimony we are thinking of inviting him to ask his mother for permision to be baptized instead of us asking her. We met his mother today and she was friendly with us. I think she will be ok with him getting baptized.
We saw some of the E. family this week. They have another daughter at home now! She just returned from Mexico. Her name is M. if I remember correctly. Hopefully we can start teaching her soon as well. We are going to try to have shorter more frequent visits with them. We are stilling working on the Restoration with them because they still don't seem to grasp the importance of it. Hopefully they will understand it better within the next few visits.
We started teaching a J. G.. He is the only non member of his family. The rest of his family is less active. They are one the rescue plan. So, we are going to try to reactivate the family and get him baptized. We had a member there when we saw him. It was Hermano F. and he bore his testimony of the restoration. It went well. Hopefully we'll see some progress out of him soon.
Do y'all remember G.? He lives really close so we see him a few times a week. But, just recently we've been having lessons with him again. We started reading from the Book of Mormon with him and it seemed to increase his interest a bit more. We are seeing him tonight and we hope he read on his own!
Well, that's about it for the week. Things are going well here. We hope to see some baptisms in the next little bit. I love y'all! Have a great week and I'll talk to y'all next week!!
Elder Barry Kreyling
Las preguntas de mamá
Q. ¿Tuviste cambios esta semana y si tuviste cambios, a dónde te mandaron? (Did you have transfers this week? Where did they send you?)
A. Si los tuvimos pero me quedo aqui en Dalton!(Yes they had them but I'm staying here in Dalton.) This will be the longest I've stayed in one area!
Q. ¿En qué forma te afecto el cambio? (How did transfers affect you?)
A. Ninguna menos hay otros misioneros en el distrito ahora.(They didn't other than there are different missionaries in the district.)
Q. ¿Nuevas palabras esta semana? (Any new words this week?)
A. Que chilo. Es como que padre. Something like how cool.
Q. ¿Te asignaron un compañero nuevo? (Do you have a new companion?)
A. No.
Q. ¿Alguna experiencia espiritual, divertida, o triste esta semana? ( Did you have any spiritual, fun or sad experiences this week?)
A. Pase 16 meses en las mision. Es algo triste. El tiempo pasa tan rapido. (I've passed the 16 month mark in my mission. That's kind of sad. Time passes so quickly.)
Q. ¿Están progresando los investigadores? (Are your investigators progressing?)
A. Ok, I might have messed up again. F. and B. are together. We tried seeing them but they weren't at our appointment. We saw the oldest E. girl (E.) and two of her younger sisters. Thanks for your testimony/conversion story mom. I'll pray about using it. I think it might be particularly beneficial to E.. She's around the same age as you when you were converted. We will see and I'll let you know. The others aren't progressing.
Q. ¿Tienen alguien listo para el agua? (Do you have anyone that is ready for baptism?)
A. C. D. casi esta listo. El esta leyendo y orando todos los dias. (CD is almost ready. He is reading the scriptures and praying every day.)
Q. ¿Encontraron nuevos investigadores esta semana? (Did you find new investigators this week?)
A. Si uno. Tambien hay otra muchacha E. que acaba de regresar de Mexico. Pero es futura investigador. (Yes one. There is also another girl that just came back from Mexico but she is a future investigator.)
Q. ¿Cómo estás de salud? (How is your health?)
A. Bien. (Good)
Q. ¿Has tenido problemas con chiggers este verano? (Have you had problems with chiggers this summer?)
A. Poco. (A little)

Monday, August 8, 2011

E-mail #32 of 2011 8/8/2011 Week 68

A Lightning Bug Flashlight they made when the power was out.

Hola familia!
Victoria is getting married?! Tell her I said congrats! Anyway, things here are going pretty well. We saw C. and taught him the Plan of Salvation. He's a smart kid so he understood it well. He's reading and praying everyday and he's coming to church regularly. Hey asks good questions and everything. He's still working on getting his own testimony but with how well he's doing it should come soon. We just have to get his mother's permission and teach him the commandments. Then, he can be baptized!
The E. family is doing ok right now. We were able to see them once this week but they didn't make it to church. We are praying daily and fasting often that they will progress. We are trying to figure out what to do to get them excited about the Gospel. Mom, do you think you could send me your conversion story in spanish? I might share it with them. Don't forget to pray to know what you should include and what not. Gracias.
This week we found some new investigators and they are below in the questions. They are all spanish. They show good potential and we are seeing them this week so I'll let you know how it goes.
For the rescue plan the B. and D. families are doing well. Bro. B. went to work in Florida but we will continue seeing the rest of the family. We got a pic with them and I'll be sending the memory card maybe in the next couple of weeks.
As far as the package goes I don't really need anything. Just whatever the Lord inspires you to send will be perfect!
Well, I'm running out of time! That's all I can fit in for this week. I love y'all and hope y'all have an amazing week. Tell everyone I love them please!
Elder Kreyling

Aquí vienen las preguntas semanales porque la gente quiere saber:
Q. ¿Qué hiciste esta semana por el día de preparación? (p-day)
A. El hermano J. D. nos llevo a Shoney's. Y tambien fuimos a Chickamauga Battlefield. (sorry about spelling).
Q. ¿Encontraron nuevos investigadores esta semana?
A. Si. Se llaman M. (es de El Salvador), F., F. y B. Todos muestran potencial. Mama, ha probado la fruta Igos? F. y su familia nos dieron unas.
Q. ¿Qué ha pasado con la familia E.?
A. Les hemos visitado una vez esta semana. No asistieron a la iglesia ayer. Oramos cada dia y hemos ayunado mucho por ellos. Todavia estamos trabajando con ellos.
Q. ¿Han visitado la familia M. en Chattanooga?
A. Si. Los hijos hablan ingles. Las hermanas les ensenaron y nosotros le ensenamos a la madre. Ella acepto un compromiso suave.
Q. ¿C. D. todavía se bautizara el 9 de agosto?
A. No, creemos que se bautizara pronto pero no el 9. Todavia necesitamos hablar con su madre y tenemos que ensenarle algunas cosas mas.
Q. ¿Vieron a la familia B. y se fue el papá?
A. Si.
Q. ¿Nuevas palabras esta semana?
A. Desempenar. To role play.
Q. ¿Cómo te fue en la conferencia de zona?
A. Bien. Aprendimos muchas buenas cosas.
Q. ¿Cómo esta R.?
A. El no estuvo en casa. Vamos a tratar de visitarle esta noche.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

E-mail #31 of 2011 8/2/2011 Week 67

Hola familia!
Hey I got an email from Miles (aka Elder Manwaring)! I'm not really supposed to email him but could you somehow pass the message on to his family that I got his email and I'll try sending him a letter soon! Also I love him and wish him the best! Also, about the letter you sent about the Elder who was attacked by lions in Guatemala... I know him! Paul Oakey, man that was a while ago. We had a couple of classes together in Lava Ridge! While I was reading about it I first read about an "Elder Oakey". I was like oh that last name seems familiar. Then, I read his first name "Paul" and it clicked that we were in some classes together. I don't know how well he'd remember me but maybe you could tell his parents that I wish him the best for his recovery and the rest of his mission.
Oh, I must have typed something wrong. I'm not training Elder Taggart but I'm like his second trainer breaker haha. Anyway, this week we went on splits with Bro. Rodriguez and Bro. S. R. We saw M.and E. E. They are doing pretty well. We talked more about the importance of reading and praying about the Book of Mormon to gain a personal testimony. We thought they were coming to church but they didn't show. I guess they younger kids were still sleeping. But, we hope that they will be at church this next Sunday.
We taught C. D. a couple of times. We've taught him the Restoration and The Gospel of Jesus Christ and he accepted a soft commitment. Then, we gave him a date at church for August 9th. J., his dad, really wants him to be baptized. But, we need to make sure that we also have the mom's permission first. It sounds like she might be ok with it but we are going to speak with her just to make sure. So, that's probably our main highlight... We have a baptismal commitment!
Oh, we found out yesterday that the library here will be closed on Mondays from now on! So, that's why I'm emailing today. But, we'll go to the college library so we should still be able to get emails out on mondays.
Tonight we are seeing the spanish family that lives in Chattanooga. It's the M. family. They sound pretty solid. We are getting a ride there from Hermano Carlos Perez. He's a really sweet member. He drove us to transfers when Elder Hedgecock left.
This week we saw the B. family. They are still doing well. We taught them about obedience and prayer by reading the story about Daniel in the lions den. Bro B. made it sound like he might be leaving for work. I'm not sure for how long. We are going to try to see them tonight.
This past week I gave a talk in the Spanish ward. It was on missionary work. I talked about the joy of missionary work and how the Lord wants all members to have that joy in their lives. I invited and encouraged them to be a little more involved in the work.
Well, that's about it for this week. Things are going well here! Oh, I think I forgot to mention that we are having a Zone Conference this week. I'm pretty excited for that. It should be really good! Well, I love y'all! I hope y'all have an amazing week! Tell everyone I love them!
Elder Kreyling

Aquí vienen las Preguntas semanales de mamá
Q. ¿Cómo estás de salud?
A. Bien.
Q. ¿Cómo va el progreso de la familia Espinos? (we are praying for them)
A. Mas o menos. Ellos no asistieron a la iglesia el domingo pasado. Queremos ensenar la familia cuando estan juntos pero es un poco dificil encontrar toda la familia en casa. Pero, todavia tenemos mucha esperanza para esta familia.
Q. ¿Te llegaron las postales?
A. Si, muchas gracias.
Q. ¿Algo nuevo con U. esta semana?
A. No, no asistio a la iglesia y no le hemos visto esta semana pasada.
Q. ¿Encontraron nuevos investigadores esta semana?
A. Si, dos. El primer se llama R. Pero, el no estaba en casa cuando fuimos de regreso anoche. El otro es C.D. el hijo de J. D. Le ensenamos por primera vez esta semana entonces ahora es nuevo investigador.
Q. ¿Están ayudando con las clases de ingles todavía?
A. Si. Son muy divertidas.
Q. ¿Come les va con G. y J.G.
A. I must have typed something wrong. It's M. and J. They weren't there for our return appointment. Tambien G. es la esposa de R.
Q. ¿Tienes preguntas para nosotros esta semana?
A. Joe Warburton is back right? Have you talked with him at all? Hey what's going on with the soccer team?