Badal and Kreyling Backroads Tennessee
"Ammon said unto him: I am a man; and man in the beginning was created after the image of God, and I am called by his Holy Spirit to teach these things unto this people, that they may be brought to a knowledge of that which is just and true; And a portion of that Spirit dwelleth in me, which giveth me knowledge and also power according to my faith and desires which are in God."
Alma 18:34-35

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

E-mail 12/28/2010 Week 37

Hola Familia!
It was great to hear y'all on Christmas This past week was a bit slower for some reason. We still had some highlights though. We had a Christmas party on Wednesday and there were a bunch of investigators/nonmembers their. Destiny, Breanna and Gabriel were there. They think it's lame that their dad isn't giving them permission yet. They're awesome so hopefully he comes around soon so we can baptize them. We saw Alfredo twice. The first time we talked about the Book of Mormon and answered some questions he had. During our discussions he said, "A lot of people call you "Mormons" because they think you worship Mormon. But that's not right, you're Christians." I don't know if that's word for word but that was about it. He called us Christians! Woohoo! I really enjoy it when people call us Christians because most people think we aren't. It's pretty sad. Anyways, we went back to see him on Sunday and went over the Plan of Salvation and hard committed him for baptism. He's been prepared and he's so ready! But, he told us he wants it for his whole family. His wife, Patti, is nice and everything but she hasn't been showing too much interest thus far. So, we had been trying to get teamups to go over with us and we finally got one. We are going over to see Alfredo and Patti tonight with Tania M. Tania is really awesome and we're hoping that having a female fellowshipper will help with Patti. I'll let you know how it went next week. Yesterday we went to see a callback named Kimberly. We taught her the Restoration and soft committed her and she accepted. She was very involved in the lesson and asked questions and everything. We are pretty excited about her. We are going to see her again on Saturday. I'll let ya know how it goes. Other than them we weren't able to see many people. It was just one of those weeks I suppose. But, everything is going well. Oh, Gracias a la familia O'dell por darme la corbata y la carta and thanks to Jamie and Linda for the tie and also thanks to Jule and Koni (hope I spelled it right) for the card and money Thank you for the ties they are really nice. I'm not sure how appropriate the pink one is though haha. Thank y'all for everything and have a happy new year!
Elder Barry Kreyling

Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas Card From Barry 12/27/2010 Week 37

Here is a Christmas card we received from Barry. We talked to him on Saturday for a little under an hour for Christmas.

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas Phone Call 12/25/2010

Below are some of the things discussed in Barry's Christmas phone call home. Questions we asked are in red. Things Barry said or asked are in blue and comments from us are in black. It was wonderful to hear from him and he sounds great! Morena tested his Spanish and he is picking it up quickly. The Lord is truly blessing him.

Have you played any soccer?

I've played once at my first zone activity.

How is Journal writing going?
It's going ok I kinda got lazy a little bit. I'm catching up.

What did you do for Christmas Eve?
Went over to new Senior couples house and ate fondue stuff and stuff like that and played a couple of Christmas games like Christmas song games. You have pictures and guess the Christmas song from the picture.

What did you do for today for Christmas?
Elder Wilkinson called his family (parents) in the morning and then went to the Branch mission leader (Bro. Lilly) who had son, daughter-in-law and two grandkids there and helped them put their hot-wheel tracks together.

Recibiste los tres paquetes que te habiamos mandado? (Did you receive the three packages we sent?)
Si, recibi' tres paquetes. (Yes I received the three packages)

How is DVD player working?
Good, we just watched a Joseph Smith movie.

How has the weather been affecting your work?
First of all today it was a white Christmas. But when it snows hardly anybody knows how to drive in the snow. The roads are really slick which is why we got stuck in Chattanooga. Sometimes we don't go out because of driving conditions.

You mentioned your area is huge? Could you use GPS system?
Ummmm. I could but I don't know if it would be necessary cause we already know the area pretty good. There's three main places we go to and we know them pretty well. If there's somewhere we need to go and don't know how to get there we have a member drive us.

Samie's Question: What is your favorite thing about being a missionary?
Favorite thing? Huh. Probably just offering people a chance to come unto Christ.

What do you miss doing the most (worldly life)?
Hugging people/girls.

What is your favorite scripture this week?
I don't know. I'm not good at picking favorite scriptures.
2 Ne 25:26
"And we talk of Christ, we rejoice in Christ, we preach of Christ, we prophesy of Christ, and we write according to our prophecies, that our children may know to what source they may look for a remission of their sins."

And why is that?
Because Christ is the reason for the season and it talks of us talking of Christ and speaking of Christ and all that.

Have you written to Ryan or Darrin or Joe or any of your buddies on their mission?
I've written to McKay, I was going to write to Ryan tonight. Which reminds me I need to make sure I have Ryan's correct address.

Morena: I have to give a talk in Church tomorrow and I'm supposed to talk on the benefits of Missionary Life and I want to know what changes have you noticed in you by serving a mission?
I've noticed that I'm a lot more loving. I am able to love people for who they are and I don't judge people like I may have used to. I love everyone now and I've grown a lot here like a lot a lot.

Morena: I want to give you a chance to ask us questions. What questions do you have for us?

Barry: How is everything going?
Paul: Really good. We all got together at the Mandarin Buffet, about 40 people. Pretty much everybody was there.

Barry: What was it that you were saying when I first called you earlier?
Morena: [speaking spanish]
Barry: Ok.
Morena: [more spanish]
Barry: hmm. Ha ha ok?
Barry: She's a nurse and her last name is Clark.

Paul: Your Aunt Koni broke her wrist while walking her dog.

Morena: What else do you want to know?
Barry: Is the grass in the backyard still doing good?
Paul: Really good. We had more rain in the last seven days then we normally have in a year and a half. [Recounts the flooding and the control of it]

Sam: I went on a cruise to the Bahammas and I ran into a celebrity. Did you every watch Bones? You know detective Booth? I saw him at the Bahammas but I didn't have my camera on me. We were supposed to go to another island but the captain wouldn't dock because of heavy wind and ice. Went to Nicolodian resort and Disney World.
I still haven't got my test results back from my arobics instructor test.

Barry: Is Sean still having missionaries come over yet?
Sam: No he hasn't started yet. He's actually here.
Sean: Hello.

Morena: Have you been translating or interpreting in Sacrament Meeting?
Barry: I've translated twice.
Morena: How has that been?
Barry: It is pretty rough cause umm. Louden wasn't really a Spanish area. We didn't really have many active Spanish members so we weren't really speaking. When I got here I really had to practice more.
Paul: I had to interpret on my mission. Pretty tough but helps you to learn.

Morena: What benefits have you obtained so far from being on a mission?
Barry: Probably goes along with what you asked me earlier. Well umm I'm trying to think. Oh I've become a little more outgoing because I kinda have to be.

You're not as quiet?
Yeah everyday your coming up to random people saying hey how's it going?

Has B. L. made progress?
What did I send you in my email?
Tithing was an issue.
Barry: We just taught her the doctorin and committed her to pray about it... She believes it's true but doesn't have a testimony. [relates benefits of praying about tithing] Baptismal date dropped so she wasn't baptized yesterday. Senior couple Blacks are supposed to be meeting her some time this week. She felt like she was being rushed. She believes everything but she is like 80 something years old so she's making a really huge change in her life. We're going to try and do it more at her pace so she feels a little more comfortable.

What is the Very best thing you have experienced so far?
I would have to say my first day here in Fort Payne. We went to Collinsville and had a meal appointment with Vanessa and her mom. I didn't know anyone or what was going on and another Hispanic family was there as well, afterwards we were going to give a spiritual thought and Vanessa popped up and said "oh yeah I want to be baptized". It was pretty awesome because the first 6 months of my mission I was working my tail off and didn't see anything of it and I get here and my first day I get a baptismal commitment?

What is the strangest thing that has happened so far?
Last transfer I was on exchange with my District Leader Elder Carpenter and tracting going from one building to another a guy sitting on some steps waves us over and says "You worship Joseph Smith" and asking us a bunch of questions and the whole time Elder Carpenter and I were calm about it and standing still being calm about the whole thing and he was pacing back and forth like he wasn't in control of himself and he looked at Elder Carpenter's eyes and says "I see a soul and it wants to be saved" after more back and forth he steps up close to me and says something to me that I didn't really understand and I asked Elder Carpenter what he said and he said he said "he wants you to remember what he said" and I said I guess it didnt' really work since I pretty much forgot instantly what he said.

Jackee: how are you doing wanted to make sure you are ok. Any other interesting stories?

Barry: Yes, I am doing ok. Hey I just remembered I got a letter from Victoria when I was out for 6 months. Did you know Joe was an AP? He's awesome.

Janice: Hi Barry. If I sent you a video of the kids would you be able to watch it?
Barry: Umm. I'm not sure. I have to ask President Griffin. Cause that would be awesome.

Monday, December 20, 2010

E-mail 12/20/2010 Week 36

Hola Familia!
Aqui todo esta bien. For most of last week I was in South Pittsburg, Tennessee and Elder Wilkinson was in Chattanooga for leadership trainings. I was able to go to one day of the trainings. It was awesome! The Spirit was super strong and everything! Anyways, we were supposed to come back to Fort Payne on Tuesday. But, the trainings were delayed from Monday to Tuesday because of snow. So then, we were supposed to come back on Wednesday but then we had some more bad weather and I guess all of the roads in Fort Payne were closed! So, we had to wait one more day to come back and that almost didn't happen. Thankfully we were able to come back Thursday and start working in our own area again. So, there hadn't been any proselyting here for about a week so we have been trying to make up for that these past few days. We saw Breanna and Gabriel, Destiny wasn't there, and taught them the Plan of Salvation using a white board. We taught it simply and drew the principles out on the white board. Then, we had each of them draw it themselves and teach it back to us. They're really smart so they were able to do it almost perfectly. We also taught them about fasting and prayer. We decided to fast and pray together to get permission from their parents. We saw Cyn Brown, their grandmother, but not the kids. I guess her son, their dad, flipped out and doesn't want them taking the lessons anymore. Sigh. So, we aren't teaching them anymore for the moment. We also saw Victor and Maria. They are doing pretty good but they still haven't come to church. So, we invited them to the Christmas party so they can get to know more of the members so they feel more comfortable. We saw a guy named Jeremias. Elder Sexton and I tracted into him and we decided to see him last night. We went over the first lesson and soft committed him and he said yes! We also saw Alfredo and Patti. Patti just stayed for a bit of the lesson but Alfredo was completely involved. He's awesome! We soft committed him for baptism. He basically said he's going to read and pray about the Book of Mormon and once he does that and feels prepared he'll be baptized! We invited them to the Party as well. That is pretty much everything this week. I will call Saturday (Christmas day!) around two in the afternoon your time. I can't remember when Kaylee usually takes her naps so hopefully it's not around then. I can't wait to hear from y'all! I love y'all and I'll talk to y'all soon!
Elder Barry Kreyling

Q. Favorite Events of the week?
A. Going to the one day of Training/Christmas party. It was awesome!

Q. Favorite Scripture for this week?
A. I would have to say Alma 5 : 51. I don't have my Book of Mormon on me right now but I think that's the reference haha. Anyways, it was around eight last night and we hadn't eaten dinner yet. We were trying to decide whether we should end our night or go see Alfredo and his family. We prayed and that scripture popped into my head. We went over, had an awesome lesson and soft committed him!

Q. What have you done for p-day the last couple of weeks?
A. We went to Chattanooga once for a Zone activity. We played dodgeball and volleyball! We haven't done much other than that haha.

Q.How far do you have to travel to meet with your district/zone
for p-day, or to use the computer, to do your Laundry etc.?
It's about 50 miles for district meetings. Thankfully we have the blacks and they drive us their and to church each week. It's about four or five miles to use the computer and we have a washer and dryer in our apartment so we don't need to go anywhere for that

Q. Who was your favorite contact of the week and why?
A. Alfredo: We had a good lesson and he accepted a soft commitment!

Q. Will you be sending us more pictures soon? Are you working on sending lots and lots of pictures of activities, the front of the place you’re living, your companion? Anything is good and well received J
A. Yes, I'll send more pics soon after I get the other memory card back. (sounds fair enough :))

Q. Do you have with you, your line of authority? It could come in handy one day.
A. It's in my journal.

Q. Do you know how much we love you and how proud your dad and I are of you?
A. I think so haha.

Q. Tell us about your new area: apartment, city, branch, etc.
A. Fort Payne is awesome. It's quite big and spread out. We cover most of the mission area here in Alabama. The Band Alabama is from Fort Payne. I just recently took some pics by some statues of them.

Q. Have you had any cool spiritual experiences over the last couple of weeks?
A. Yes at the one training I went to. It was just awesome and I hope I can go to another one soon!

Monday, December 13, 2010

E-mail 12/13/2010 Week 35

Take a Leap of Faith

Hola Familia!

Right now I'm in South Pittsburg, Tennessee! They are having trainings in Chattanooga for all of the Senior missionaries so that is where Elder Wilkinson is right now. They had the trainings on friday and saturday. They were supposed to have them today and tomorrow too but it is snowing! So, I guess they don't want the missionaries to be driving around in these conditions. Anyways, Elder Wilkinson said the trainings were really amazing! They are going to have them each transfer for a while longer. I hope I get to go soon it sounds really awesome! This past week we saw Victor and Maria again. Victor had read in the introduction and had some questions. Maria still didn't seem too interested. We were talking for a bit and then Victor asked what we thought about infant baptism. So, we read almost all of Moroni 8 with them. After that, we noticed a positive change in Maria's interest. At the end we had Victor offer a kneeling prayer. It was a good lesson. We just need to get them to church now. We also saw Alfredo and his wife Patti. They had met with missionaries before and so they already knew a little bit. They seem to have some good potential. We also saw Buena Luke, the mother of a member. She has a date for the 24th. We met her for the first time on Tuesday I believe it was. After talking with her for a bit we discovered she has an issue with tithing right now. So, we read some scriptures promised blessings. She just isn't sure if she has the faith to pay because she is on a fixed income and she has a pretty expensive car payment. So, we promised her blessings again and just comitted her to take a leap of faith and actually paying her tithing. Right now she believes the Book of Mormon is true and that Joseph Smith was a prophet and that the Church is true. But, we found out she hasn't prayed about the Book of Mormon. So, we comitted her to do that too. Once she has that testimony it should resolve her concerns. But, that was pretty much everything from this past week. Oh, I think I have Ryan's address. I got Jack'ee's addresses recently. I hope that I can make some Christmas cards this week to send to y'all. Well, I hope y'all are having a great Christmas season! I love y'all and I'll talk to y'all next week!


Elder Barry Kreyling We sent you a package with Spanish materials and Christmas stuff. Q. Did you get it yet? A. Yes, I got it. Thank you! Q. When is your mission Christmas Party? A. It is tomorrow.

Monday, December 6, 2010

E-mail 12/6/2010 Week 34

Querido Barry,

Como estas? Aqui todo esta bien. Hemos empezado a prepararnos para La Navidad. Es muy extrano no tenerte aqui durante este tiempe pero estamos felices en saber que tu estas haciendo la voluntad del Senor.

(Q) So who is your new companion?

(A) Elder Wilkinson

(Q) Tell us about him. How long has he been out?

(A) He is cool! His mission started out kinda rough but he is a really good missionary now. He's been out for about 21 months. He has two transfers left.

(Q) Where is he from? How are things going in Fort Payne?

(A) Provo. Things are going great! We have the mother of a member who has a date for the 24th! Her name is Buena Luke. I can't remember if I told you about her before but she is not hispanic haha. We also taught a lesson to some grandchildren of a member who aren't baptized. At the end of the lesson they all said they want to be baptized! Their names are Destiny, Breanna and Gabriel. We also gave a Book of Mormon to Victor and Maria. We are going to see them again on Thursday so I'll let you know how that goes next week.

(Q)Hey are the winter clothes we got you warm?

(A) Yes they are pretty warm. I still haven't tried the thermal garments while tracting. That should help quite a bit. But yes they are warm.

Hola Familia,
I need to make this short. Sorry! But things are going great. My new comp is cool and the work is going well. Yes, I have two memory cards and I'll start trying to take more pictures. We had a Zone Activity in Chattanooga and so that's why I'm writing so late. We also have an appointment soon so I need to get going. Sorry it was so short today. Just know that everything's fine and I love y'all!!!
Elder Barry Kreyling