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"Ammon said unto him: I am a man; and man in the beginning was created after the image of God, and I am called by his Holy Spirit to teach these things unto this people, that they may be brought to a knowledge of that which is just and true; And a portion of that Spirit dwelleth in me, which giveth me knowledge and also power according to my faith and desires which are in God."
Alma 18:34-35

Monday, June 27, 2011

E-mail #26 of 2011 6/27/2011 Week 62

Bring Back The Lost Sheep

Hola Familia!

Well, this week has been great! We have been working hard and it's paying off. This past Thursday the assistants brought us a car! It's not brand new like we had before but it's a car. Yay! This week we had a cottage meeting with the E. Family at the Beasley's home. We taught them the Ten Commandments. W.E. is still doing really well. We saw SR a few times this week. The other Elders had a baptism on Tuesday and he came to that. Before the baptism we taught S. the Law of Chastity. Then, we saw the baptism which was really awesome. We saw S. another day and taught him about Tithes and Fast Offerings. Then, he went to church yesterday! After church we sat down with him and Bro. Cox, our ward mission leader, and planned out his baptism. He's getting baptized this Thursday! He's doing really great. We just have to teach him a couple more commandments and have his interview and he'll be good to go! That's our main highlight for this week We had the English class again. It went well but U. didn't come. We are going to try to see her soon. I'll let y'all know what happens.

I'm not sure if I've mentioned this before but President Monson for a while now has had "the Rescue" program going. The ward council selects 15 less active or recent convert families and we missionaries teach them the lessons. The program is to help bring back the lost sheep and also to have more baptisms. The families have a goal like coming back to church or going to the temple. They are ordinance based goals. The E family is on it. We are also having success with the B family. They have been coming to church and are doing quite well! There is also a brother, J D, who is starting to come back because of the rescue program. It's exciting! Well, that's about all of the highlights for the week.

Thanks for the package! I thought I had sent you both memory cards but we'll get things straightened out there. I'll try sending a letter this week. But, I think that's about everything this week. The Church is True!!! I love y'all thanks for everything!


Elder Kreyling

Las preguntas semanales de mamá:

Q. Qué tal? (What's up?)

A. Nada mucho. (Notthing much)

Q. Cómo va la obra?(How is the work going?)

A. Muy bien! (Very well)

Q. Qué hay de Nuevo con todos los investigadores con los que estaban trabajando? ( How is everything going with the investigators)

A. S. va a bautizarse este jueves que viene! (S. is getting baptized Thursday!)

Q. En qué forma te afecto los cambios la semana pasada? (In what way did transfers effect you?)

A. Nada se cambio entonces ninguna forma. (We didn't get transferred so no effect)

Q. Te cambiaron de zona? (Did they change your area?)

A. No, todavia estoy en Dalton! (No I'm still in Dalton!)

Q. Todavía estas trabajando en español? (Are you still working in Spanish?)

A. Si (Yes)

Q. Siempre estudias Español por una hora diaria? (Do you still study Spanish for an hour a day?)

A. Si (Yes)

Q. Estas aprendiendo nuevas palabras cada día? Cuantas ? ( Are you learning new words each day? How many?)

A. Si, no se cuantas. Algo asi. (Yes but I don't know how many.)

Q. Quales son las nuevas palabras que aprendiste esta semana? (What are the words you have learned this week?)

A. No me acuerdo en este momento. ( I don't remember at this moment.)

Q. Recibiste el paquete? (Did you get the package?)

A. Si, gracias.(Yes, thank you)

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

E-mail #25 of 2011 6/21/2011 Week 61

He knows the church is true

Hola Familia,
Happy Late Fathers Day Dad!!!
Hey I don't have a lot of time again. Sorry! This past weekend we had a pretty bad storm. The power is off in several areas. That's why I didn't email yesterday. But, the work is going well. S. R. finally came to church! U. is doing well. She didn't come to church because the power was off but she still wants to learn and receive these blessings. The English class is still going well. More members are coming and U. said she will start coming too. We saw the E. family and taught them a couple of commandments. W. E. is still doing great and he has told us several times that he knows that the church is true! We haven't been able to contact H. D. for a while. I don't know what's happened with her. We are going to continue trying to contact her and set something up. But, overall the work is going well. President Griffin only has about another week and a half left and then we are getting President Irion. I think that's how it's spelled haha. I'm sad to see President Griffin go but I'm also looking forward to having President Irion. Well, that's about everything for this week. I know it's a short one again but hopefully it will be longer in the future. I love y'all and hope y'all have a great week!!!
Elder Kreyling

Las preguntas semanales de mom:

Q. ¿Ya arreglaron el carro? (Have you fixed the car?)

A. No.

Q. ¿Cómo esta S. R.? (How is S.R.?)

A. Bien! El asistio a la iglesia! Su fecha bautismal es el 2 de Julio. (Good! He attended church! His baptismal date is July 2.)

Q. ¿Cómo les fue esta semana con los nuevos investigadores? (How did it go this week with the new investigators?)

A. Como U.? Bien, pero ella no asistio a la iglesia. La mayoria de Dalton no tenia la electricidad por causa de la tormenta. (Like U.? Good, but she didn't attend church. Most of Dalton didn't have electricity because of the storm.) We had a severe windstorm that blew trees over and took down power lines. It was intense. I have some pics that I'll send as soon as I get the memory card from ya'll.

Q. ¿Fueron a visitar a M. & S. la semana pasada? (Did you visit M & S this last week?)

A. No.

Q. ¿Como las fue con las familias P. & E.? (How did it go with the family P. & E.?)

A. Mas o menos. El Elder Sexton les enseno mientras el estaba aqui. El es uno de los lideres de la zona. Entonces, vamos a tener un intercambio y el va a venir aqui para visitar y animarles. (OK Elder Sexton taught them while he was her. He is a Zone leader. So, we are going to have an exchange and he is going to come her to visit and encourage them.)

Q. ¿Encontraron nuevos contactos en el libro de área? (Did you find new contacts in the area book?)

A. Todavia no. Pero vamos a continuar a usarlo para encontrar. (Not yet. But we are going to continue to use it to find.)

Q ¿Qué ha pasado con J., el que ora en árabe? (What happened with J. who prayed in Arabic?)

A. Nada. Vamos a visitarle alguna noche. El trabaja mucho. (Nothing. We are going to visit him some night. He works a lot.)

Q. ¿Qué ha pasado con U.? (What has happened with u.?)

A. Miren arriba haha! (Look above, haha!)

Q. ¿Explícame de que hablaron con el pres. Griffin? Dices que les fue bien, pero por qué? (Explain what you talked about with President Griffin? You said it went well, but why?)

A. Solamente hablamos de cosas como la obediencia, la familia, las reglas de la mision y cosas asi. Y tomamos picturas. ( We talked about obedience, the family, mission rules and things like that.)

Q. ¿Cuándo son los cambios otra vez? Te gustaría que te dejen en el mismo lugar, o ya estas listo para conocer otra área? (When are tranfers? Would you like to be left in the same area, or are you ready for another area?)

A. Quiero quedarme aqui. Este miercoles son traslados. (I want to stay here. This Wednesday are transfers.)

Q. ¿Cómo te va con tu compa? (How is it going with your companion? )

A. Bien.

Q. ¿Ya mandaste la tarjeta de memoria para la cámara? (Have you sent the memory card from the camera?)

A. No, estoy esperando la una que viene. (No, I am waiting for the other one to come.)

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Only 299 Days Left in Elder Kreyling's Mission

It is hard to believe but there are only 299 days left until Barry is home. Under 10 months.If you haven't written him in a while now would be a good time.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

E-mail #24 of 2011 6/13/2011 Week 60

"He prayed in Arabic"

Hola Familia,

Well, another week has flown by. We saw S.R. once. We just found out it's spelled with a ph and not an f haha. He is still doing well with his reading and prayers. But, he didn't make it to church yesterday. He texted us and said he has anxiety, depression and stuff like that. We aren't sure what to do for him. We have promised him blessings and everything. We hope something will be revealed to us so we can help him.

I can't remember if I told you already but this is the area that Elder Sexton was trained in. So, he told us a few people that we could try seeing. We made contact with two of them yesterday. They are the P. family and E. They were both really nice. They said they might take the lessons again.

I also can't remember if I told you but the district meeting trainings this transfer are all on finding. This past training was on using the area book to find. We prayed and then picked several names and we are going to start contacting them. We are really expecting to find some people by doing this.

This past week we met a guy from Lebanon! He lives on the same street as M. and S. His name is J. He was really cool christian guy. We taught him the first lesson and invited him to pray at the end. He prayed in Arabic. It was so cool! The only thing is that he is working a lot right now because so many hispanics are being deported right now. So, we don't have an appointment but we are just going to go by one evening.

We had one spanish lady at church yesterday. Her name is U. We are going to see her on Tuesday. If we can get her married we can baptize her very soon. So, I'll let y'all know how things go with her next week.

We had interviews with President Griffin this week. It went well. That could be the last time we get to see President before he leaves. I got a picture with him! I'll send the memory card as soon as I get the others from y'all.

That's about everything for this week. Everything is going great here! The Church is true! Hope y'all have a great week! I love y'all!


Elder Kreyling

Carta # 24, de 2011 mayo 12

Mom’s weekly questions.

Q. Quien estaba manejando cuando ocurrió el accidente.

A. El Elder P.

Q. De quien fue la culpa, de ustedes o del otro schauffer?

A. Nosotros

Q. Tomaste foto del carro para tu álbum de recuerdos?

A. Si.

Q. Llego la policía?

A. Si.

Q. Alguien tuvo que ir al hospital?

A. No, todos estamos bien.

Q. Las dos zonas de Dalton comparten un solos carro?

A. Compartiamos uno carro pero no lo tenemos ahora. Tenemos que montar bicicletas.

Q. Fuiste a JcPenney a buscar los zapatos?

A. No, no tenemos carro haha.

Q. Como están M. y S.?

A. Tuvimos cita pero ellos no estuvieron en casa. Les llamamos y vamos a pasar por su casa manana a lo mejor.

Q. Que ha pasado con S. R.?

A. El no asistio la iglesia ayer. He has anxiety and depression and stuff like that... We aren't sure what to do to help him.

Monday, June 6, 2011

E-mail #23 of 2011 6/6/2011 Week 59

We got a new car this week : ) but...

Hola Familia!
She got married?! Well, I guess that answers my question from last week haha. Mom, I looked for shoes today but I didn't find any I liked. I'll have to go back to the mall some time and look there...
Well, this week we saw S. R. again. He's doing really well with his reading and praying. But, something is keeping him from coming to church. He told us that he has anxiety problems sometimes. He may be bipolar but we don't know for sure. We taught Melody and Salomon a couple of times. They are reading and praying but still aren't sure about it. Salomon believes his baptism was valid. They don't understand the great apostasy right now so that is what we are going to help them understand.
The English class is going well. We still haven't had investigators come but we hope they will show up soon! Bro. Collins in the English ward was called to be the teacher. This past week was his first time and he did great. We are using the learning program from the church called the "Daily Dose". It seems to be working really well. This past week we went over lesson one in the program which is "Introducing yourself". It's really fun teaching English.
On Friday we had our district meeting. Like I told y'all Elder Phippen asked me to give the training. So, I did preparation whenever I had free time during the week. I shared Alma 13 :24 with them and talked about how the people being prepared in "our land" are the children of God here in The Great Tennessee Knoxville Mission. Then, I shared Alma 8 where Alma is rejected in Ammonihah. He starts going to another city and an angel appears to him and tells him to go back. He enters the city another way. I talked about how we won't find everyone the Lord is preparing by just using one way to find them. I talked about how another way we can find the elect is through referrals. It seemed to go well and Elder Phippen said he learned a lot. I too learned a lot while I was preparing it.
Oh, I forgot to say that we got a new car this past week Unfortunately, we got into a wreck Friday evening Don't worry everyone is fine. Both Dalton areas are going to be on bikes until it gets repaired. Which isn't too terrible because now we can talk with more people each day!
Well, I think that's about everything this week. Oh, if you haven't already sent the package I heard about these plan of salvation cards at deseret book I believe. That would be really cool. But, if you've already sent it then don't worry about it. I hope everything is going great back home! I love y'all!
Elder Kreyling

And now for Mom's Questions:

Q. Como te fue con el entrenamiento para encontrar en la reunión de distrito la semana pasada?
A. Bien. Aprendi mucho y espero que el resto del distrito aprendiera algo tambien.
Q. Como les fue en la visita con S. R. el martes pasado y fue a la iglesia ayer?
A. Nos fue bien pero el no asistio ayer. Creemos que el es "bipolar" pero no estamos seguros.
Q. Visitaron a W. y a su familia el martes?
A. Si, el nos ayudo a ensenar a S. R. Pero no le ensenamos algo. Teniamos que ayudarle a otro miembro y su vecino con algo.
Q. Han sabido algo de H.P.?
A. El se fue a otra parte de Georgia. Pero, todavia quiere aprender de la iglesia. Creo que el sera bautizado.
Q. Todavía están ayudando con la clase de Ingles?
A. Si, el maestro es el Hermano Collins. El servio su mision en la Republic Dominical.
Q. Continuas haciendo ejercicio cada día?
A. Por lo general.
Q. Estas cuidando tus dientes?
A. Si.
Q. Estas usando tu retainer para tus dientes cada noche?
A. Si.