Badal and Kreyling Backroads Tennessee
"Ammon said unto him: I am a man; and man in the beginning was created after the image of God, and I am called by his Holy Spirit to teach these things unto this people, that they may be brought to a knowledge of that which is just and true; And a portion of that Spirit dwelleth in me, which giveth me knowledge and also power according to my faith and desires which are in God."
Alma 18:34-35

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Letter Received 11/30/2010

Dear Mom and Dad, Nov. 25, 2010

How are ya’ll doing? Here all is well. The branch is pretty awesome here. The Spanish group is really cool too. They are pretty close to becoming a branch themselves. I think they just need a few more Melchizedek Priesthood holders and they will be the Spanish Branch of Fort Payne! : ) This past Tuesday we, the Chattanooga Zone, met with Elder Johnson who is a Seventy! It was like a Zone Conference and he trained us on some things. It was cool! Before that I was on an exchange with my district leader, Elder Carpenter, in the Chat Valley Area. Every once in a while somebody anties us. Some one will anti us to try to “save us” or whatever. Haha. So while I was on exchange with E. Carpenter that happened to us. We were tracting these apartments and just finished one building and were on our way to the next one. Then this guy who was sitting on the steps of another building waved us over. We went over and started talking with him. One of his first questions was, “do you worship Joseph Smith?” We told him no. He asked us several other questions like that, trying to shake our testimony. The whole time we were calm & collected while he couldn’t stand still. He was pacing back and forth the whole time. At one point he stopped, looked Elder Carpenter in the eyes, and said, “I see your soul. It wants to be free,” . Something along those lines. It was weird! Then, he came within a foot of me and was saying stuff that I forgot almost immediately . Then, he prayed that we would “find the truth” and such. During his prayer he spoke in tongues, it was so weird! After our experience I asked Elder Carpenter what the guy said to me. He said that he told me to “remember the things I’m telling you.” It looks like it didn’t work out for the guy because I forgot pretty much instantly. Haha! So that was an interesting experience. Anyways, the work here is going pretty well. My Spanish is improving slowly but surely. : ) I’m learning new things each day. Hopefully I’ll be able to learn faster once those materials get here. Oh man, I just realized I haven’t used my bike once since I’ve been in Fort Payne. Our area is huge haha. One of the biggest in the mission. Also, we haven’t ever tracted after dark. I guess a while back some things happened and so they don’t want us tracting here after dark. Well, I just wanted to let ya’ll know that everything’s fine. But, I need to go now. We have some meal appointments for Thanksgiving! : ) I hope ya’ll have a great Thanksgiving and rest of the week! Oh, I’m sending my memory card too for pics. I love ya’ll! Tell everyone I love them!

Love, Elder Barry Kreyling

Monday, November 29, 2010

E-mail 11/29/2010 Week 33

Hola familia!
Aqui en Alabama todo esta bien. We got a call on Saturday and Elder Sexton is leaving to be a District Leader somewhere. So, I get to take over Fort Payne! It's so crazy, it feels like I just got here haha. Transfers are on Wednesday so I will let you know where Elder Sexton is going and who my new companion is next Monday. Last Monday I went on an exchange with Elder Carpenter. On Tuesday we exchanged back at a "Zone Conference". We had Elder Johnson, a Seventy, come and give us some training. It was really good! Then, on Thursday we had two meal appointments for Thanksgiving! Thursday was also our p day. I sent ya'll a letter and the memory card with the latest pics. You should be getting it soon. Oh, and my stomach and such have been doing pretty good.
Yes, the printed conversion stories should be fine. Oh, I have one more request and no I'm not messing around. Do we still have that portable DVD player? If so, would it be possible for ya'll to send it to me? Don't worry I'm not being disobedient or anything. We got permission from President Griffin to have them so we can watch the Preach my Gospel DVD's and so that we can watch different church movies with investigators, who may not have a TV or DVD player in their home, according to their needs. If you're surprised to hear that believe me so was I haha. But anyways, if that could possibly be sent to me that would be awesome! Sorry, it feels like I'm asking a lot but apparently President Griffin believes that it will help. And there is no doubt in my mind that he is an inspired man. But that and the CD's and other spanish learning materials should really help. I hope they help because I might have to take over translating at church also.
Well, it sounds like ya'll had a good Thanksgiving and that things are going great back home! Kaylee remembers me yay!!! Haha! That is so awesome! Keep it up! Oh, I'm going to see if I can make some Christmas cards to send to everyone. Hopefully I will be able to. Well, I need to be going now. I hope ya'll have an amazing week! I love ya'll!
Elder Barry Kreyling

Monday, November 22, 2010

E-mail 11/22/2010 Week 32

Hola Familia!
Things are going well here in Fort Payne. Yesterday, the Fort Payne building was dedicated. I guess it's been done for about eight months or something but has just now been dedicated. We had all the meetings at their regular hours. Then, after sacrament, which is last, we had lunch! Several members brought food and it was good! Then, we had the dedication. Everything went well. Oh, by the way I'm on an exchange right now with Elder Carptenter DL so I'm writing from the chatt valley area. Anyways, we just mostly tracted this week. Alright I just answered your questions below. But, everything is going good. We should be able to get a couple of baptisms in Dec. I can write Janice and Sam but I'm not sure if I have Jack'ee's address. I'll look through emails real quick to see. But, I need to get going now. Just know that everything is going good, I'm fine and loving Tennessee (well... Alabama) and I love ya'll!!! I hope ya'll have a great week!!!
Elder Kreyling

Q. So how is the work going?
A. It's going good. We have one lady, Buena Luke (not hispanic) that we are going to see this week with the Blacks (Sr. Couple). She apparently wants to get baptized on Dec. 24th. But, we have to go over there and teach her all of the lessons first. But, usually what we do is tract, visit recent converts and less actives, and visit members. Because of the time zone we are in it gets dark at five! So, we usually tract until dark and then visit people.

Q. How are Victor and Maria doing?
A. We haven't had a chance to see them since that last visit. But, like I told you it went really well. We'll just work through Pablo and set up another appointment. We're planning on committing them for baptism on our next visit.

Q. How about that other nameless investigator whose mom is a member in Vegas?
A. She was in New York when we went back so we haven't seen her either. But, there was a guy there (I think it's his house) who said he spoke with missionaries in Florida before moving here. We are going to go back sometime and see if he's interested.

Q.Have you found any new investigators?
A. One lady named Brenda. She was baptized into a Baptist church a few months ago. But, she let us in and spoke to us for a bit. She bonked us on our return appointment but we'll try again another time.

Q.Are you enjoying your new area?
A. Yes!!!

Q.How is your Spanish coming?
A. It's coming along pretty good. I think those things you were telling me about will help. President Griffin says no earphones but that the cd's are fine.

Q. Are you in a bike area or riding a car?
A. Car. Our area is HUGE! Haha it's one of the biggest areas in the Mission.

Q.Have you had a chance to ride the bike much or is it still like new?
A. No I haven't ridden it much.

Q. How is the weather this time of year where you are at in Alabama?
A. It's pretty nice right now. It's starting to get pretty cold though.

Monday, November 15, 2010

E-mail 11/15/2010 Week 31

Hola Familia!
This past week we found one hispanic lady whose mom joined the church in Las Vegas. Her mom had apparently told her that the church has all of the truth. They were having a birthday party for their son when we knocked on the door. So, we sang happy birthday to her 8 year old son haha. Then, we talked with her for a couple mins and she said we could come back and share a message with her. Yay! Also, I forgot to tell you all but there is a former member here named Pablo (es de Guatemala). He would be a member right now but he is in a crazy situation right now lets just leave it at that haha. He loves the church and knows its true and everything. Anyways, Pablo is a referral machine! The missionaries were working with two referrals from him when I first got here. Then, just this past week he gave us two more! We went with Pablo, his girlfriend Chica, and Vinicio a recent convert, to see them this past saturday. There names are Victor and Maria. Pablo gave them "Together Forever". We shared the first lesson with them. They were asking really good questions, the spirit was there and it was awesome! At the end of the lesson we gave them a soft baptismal comittment. They said yes!!! So yeah it was pretty much awesome. That is the main highlight of the week
Alright these are the Spanish things I have right now. A spanish/english dictionary (electronic and book), scriptures, that red book for missionaries, Predicad Mi Evangelio, and this one spanish book that was left in the Loudon apartment haha. I think the audio CD's will be great! My old zone leader said that's one of the best things you can do. I don't know about the earphones though. If I'm doing it at night before going to bed I think it might be ok but I will ask President to see what he say. That study guide and the 500 verbs would be fantastic too! Oh by the way since we are on the topic of spanish I translated a little bit in Sacrament yesterday. It was rough haha! But, it will come with more time and the use of these couple of things we've talked about.
Alright, I'm going to write a separate thing for Ben.
I love ya'll and hope ya'll have a great week!
Elder Barry Kreyling

Monday, November 8, 2010

E-mail 11/8/2010 Week 30

Hola Familia!
This past Tuesday was awesome! We had Zone Conference in Chattanooga during the day. Then, we came back to prepare for Vanessa's baptism. We went to the church to set up chairs and to fill the font. It takes forever to fill the font, about two hours! Then, we had the baptismal service. Before the actual baptism I gave a talk, in Spanish, on Baptism. Everyone said they understood me! Woo hoo! After my talk another spanish member spoke on the Holy Ghost. After that, Elder Sexton performed the baptism. After Elder Sexton and Vanessa were dried and dressed, Elder Sexton confirmed Vanessa. The Spirit was there, good stuff! She's doing really well!
We also had Stake Conference this past weekend. It was good. They talked a lot about the Book of Mormon which is really good. The Stake actually read the Book of Mormon as a whole before this Stake Conference. I guess it was a goal they set at the previous conference.

Nice jokes mom haha Ok, for my Christmas package: The Conversion stories of Bill Carpenter and Glen Beck on CD, that fruit and nut medley stuff from Costco, a couple nice polyester ties and a couple silks, Spanish learning materials for verbs, vocab, etc.(I'm in a different Zone from my old zone leader so I haven't been able to talk to him about what he has), and whatever else to fill the box.
It sounds like things are going great back home! My goodness five years in a row for volleyball. Regan is turning 1 already? My goodness haha. Well, I hope things continue going well for ya'll. I need to be going but I miss ya'll and love ya'll!!! XOXOXOXOXOXOXOXO
Elder Barry Kreyling

Monday, November 1, 2010

E-mail 11/1/2010 Week 29

Hola Familia!
Tomorrow is the day! We will be having Zone Conference in Chattanooga. After that, we will come back to Fort Payne to prepare for the baptism and then we will have the baptismal service at 6:30! Elder Sexton is performing the baptism so I won't have to worry about the clothes getting moldy mom I will get to talk about baptism during the service tomorrow. Speaking of talks, I gave a talk on obedience yesterday in sacrament meeting. It was fun and exciting. Anyways, to answer your questions yes mom my clothes are doing fine. All of the food has been good and normal and all that. Nothing extreme yet The oils do seem to be helping. Wow, it sounds like Mckay is having a blast haha!
Well, this past week we found three Guatamalan investigators. The spanish group is about half Guatamalan and half Mexican. So, we are going to get them fellowshipped and see what happens. We went on an exchange so our district leader, Elder Carpenter, could interview Vanessa. We also had a Halloween party for the Branch. There was good food and everything! That is all of the main stuff from this week. It sounds like things are going well back home. Oh, I got Sam's letter. Hey, the lawn is looking good haha! Well, I need to be going now. But, I love ya'll and hope ya'll have a great week! XOXOXOXOXOXOXO
Elder Barry Kreyling