Badal and Kreyling Backroads Tennessee
"Ammon said unto him: I am a man; and man in the beginning was created after the image of God, and I am called by his Holy Spirit to teach these things unto this people, that they may be brought to a knowledge of that which is just and true; And a portion of that Spirit dwelleth in me, which giveth me knowledge and also power according to my faith and desires which are in God."
Alma 18:34-35

Monday, June 28, 2010

E-Mail Week 11

Hello Family! Things continue to improve here. The Branch really seems to like us and they have been showing their support for us. We have been fed more! Haha. Elder Badal is doing well. His toe is much better. It only bothers him every now and again. I think I may have told you but we don't really have any investigators as of now. We find potentials every week but they never seem to keep their commitments. It's pretty frustrating. We have called the Tittsworth family twice and left them one message. We asked them how things are going, if there is anything we can do for them, and to give us a call back. We have not heard back from them though. We have quite a few miles so we are just going to drive out there and knock on their door. I'm not sure if I told you but we sorta had a baptism. The sisters, in another area, were teaching a lady from our area and baptized her and her son. She had a friend in the sister's area and went to their branch for six months and we didn't know about it until about two weeks before her baptism. So, the sisters got credit for the baptism but the lady was in our area. We call that poaching. Anyway, she has a daughter who has not been baptized. We asked her if she had talked with her daughter at all about being baptized. She said no because she wants it to be her daughters choice. She doesn't seem to understand her role as the parent. So, we talked to President Griffin (who BTW is the man!) and brought it up in our district meeting. We have decided to just be frank with her, but we are going to be nice about it so she doesn't get offended. We are going to have her read D & C 68 : 25. That scripture is pretty bold and should get the message across. We are also going to get in contact with the Buffelo and Brummitt families and be frank with them. President Griffin has told us that every area can baptize this transfer including ours. So, we are going to find someone! Tell Sam I will write her a letter today when I have a few minutes. Well, I need to get going. I'll send letters today. I love ya'll!!!

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