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"Ammon said unto him: I am a man; and man in the beginning was created after the image of God, and I am called by his Holy Spirit to teach these things unto this people, that they may be brought to a knowledge of that which is just and true; And a portion of that Spirit dwelleth in me, which giveth me knowledge and also power according to my faith and desires which are in God."
Alma 18:34-35

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

E-mail #22 of 2011 5/31/2011 Week 58

She wanted to see us...

Hola familia!

Well, things are going pretty well here in the Great Tennessee Knoxville Mission! We saw Z. and he said he's been feeling the spirit in our meetings. But, he wouldn't commit to be baptized. He said it's like a battle going on inside his head of what he was taught growing up and what we are teaching him. We feel that he will accept it soon though. We saw S. R. this past week. His sister is a member in Gainsville. She is deaf and she called during one of our lessons. She wanted to see us so we were able to see and speak to her via video phone. It was pretty cool. She seemed really excited that he was meeting with us. He hasn't made it out to church yet because he has back problems. So, we are going to see him tonight and promise him that he will feel well enough to make it to church if that is his desire and he shows his effort to do so. Because he hasn't made it to church yet we are going to change his baptismal date to the 18th of June. Other than that he seems solid Do you remember M. and S.? Well, it turns out that they are married. We stopped by a few days ago and she said we could go back yesterday. So, we went with a member and had a pretty good lesson. We are going to see them on Friday. We had a short FHE with the member who went with us to see them and his family. We committed them to invite someone to the next FHE. On of them said they have a friend who is looking for a church! So, we hope that we can find a new investigator this week. Oh, I don't think I told you but the district meeting trainings this transfer are all on finding. Elder Phippen has asked me to give the training this week. I'm excited! Oh, this past thursday there was a district leader training at the stake center. Elder Phippen and I went and it was really good. Let's see... I think that's about everything for this week. Everything is going great. I love being a missionary! The Church is True!!! I love y'all!!!


Elder Kreyling
Mom's Weekly Questions

Q. Como les fue esta semana con la obra?

A. Bien.

Q. S. R. todavía planea en bautizarse el 11 de junio?

A. No, vamos a visitarle esta noche y vamos a cambiar la fecha al 18 de junio ( el todavia no ha asistido a la iglesia).

Q. Visitaron a W. y H. el viernes?

A. Si, visitamos a H. y su novio Z.. Tratamos de comprometerle pero el no lo acepto. Pero, creemos que con el tiempo el lo acepara. Vamos a visitar a W. y su familia esta noche.

Q. Como está el tiempo? Aquí está un poco frio y con mucho viento.

A. Aqui hace calor.

Q. Que a pasado con H.P.?

A. Nada. Su carro no sirve y por eso el no asistio a la iglesia. El se va a otro lugar de Georgia. Pero , el va a regresar los fines de las semanas.

Q. Visitaron a A.?

A. Fuimos a visitarle pero el no estuvo en casa.

Q. han conseguido nuevos investigadores por medio de las clases de Ingles?

A. Todavia no. Un miembro de la iglesia es el maestro ahora! Todavia vamos a ayudar.

Q. Cuáles son las cosas que le gustan hacer al Elder Phippen y cuantos hermanos y hermanas tiene?

A. El tiene tres hermanos y una hermana. El le gusta jugar al basquetbol.

Q. Como estas de salud? Haz subido o bajado de peso?

A. Estoy bien de salud. Yo no he subido o bajado mucho de peso.

Q. Compraste los zapatos?

A. Todavia no. Espero que vayamos a comprarlos el dia de p que viene.

Q. Tienes más preguntas para nosotros?

A. Uds. todavia tienen las cartas para la camera? No recibieron mis cartas Sam y Michelle? Todavia esta en casa Michelle?

Q. Qué cosas necesitas que te mande?
A. Solamente las cosas que les he pedido

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