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"Ammon said unto him: I am a man; and man in the beginning was created after the image of God, and I am called by his Holy Spirit to teach these things unto this people, that they may be brought to a knowledge of that which is just and true; And a portion of that Spirit dwelleth in me, which giveth me knowledge and also power according to my faith and desires which are in God."
Alma 18:34-35

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

E-mail # 3 of 2011 1/18/2011 Week 40

Hola Familia!

Yes, I got the card from Grandma. Mi espanol esta bien pero todavia estoy aprendiendo mucho. Aprendo algo nueve cada dia. Haha I don't know how to put the accents or anything. But yes everything is going well. We had one investigator with a baptismal date for the 23rd of this month but he didn't come to church on Sunday because he got called into work. So, we are going to have to commit him for another date. His name is Victor. He seems pretty cool. He lives with a recent convert. We are also working with a few others who show good potential. Adrian I believe is the friend of a less active. He has been soft committed and is reading in the Book of Mormon. He has was going to come to church twice but one time his car slid off the road and I believe church was canceled due to snow the other time. Those are probably our top investigators right now.

-editor's note:

It seems that he must really be trying to get this language down because he's having some trouble configuring his sentences in English now.

Now it's time for mom's weekly questions.

1. Now that you’ve been out 9 months, what changes have you seen in yourself, spiritually, etc. and what hasn’t changed.

Well, I know the doctrine a bit better than before. I love the people for who they are. And I've become/am becoming more spiritually sensitive.

2. Where you affected by changes last week and if so, what happened.
Details, Details

I'm not sure what you're asking so I don't know what to give details on haha. Are you talking about weather or transfers or what? They weather slow us down a bit but we were still able to work.

3. Tell us about your new area: apartment, city, branch, etc.

Pleasant Ridge seems like a pretty sweet area. We have our general proselyting area which covers part of eastern Knoxville. In our own area we cover english and spanish. But, the cool thing about our area is that we cover all of the spanish work for all of Knoxville! So, if some missionaries are tracting in their area and they run into a hispanic they give us a call and we go check it out. That actually happened the other day and we taught the Restoration and got a return appointment from it. We are going to see him today his name is Moises. We live in the basement of some members, the Nicho family. It is pretty nice. It's got pretty much everything we need right there. It is all tile so it is a bit cold right now haha. But, it is nice and I like it. The Branch is pretty small. There were like 15 people at church or something like that. But, I've really like all of the members I've met. It's a good little branch. I hope it will grow quickly.

4. When you study at night/morning, do you study specific things for the people you are planning on teaching or just study in general


5. Weird/new or yummy food of the week?

Nothing weird. I've had some pretty good mexican food but I can't remember what it was called.

6. Favorite Scripture for this week? Mine is Alma 38: 1through 5 it gives me comfort to know the Lord is on your side while you are on this errand. I believe the reference is 2 nephi 2: 6 through 8. In verse eight it talks about the importance of letting everyone know of these things. Which reminds me. If y'all haven't already you should get on and make profiles for each one of ya.

7. Did you have p-day last week; and since the weather was bad what didyou do for fun?

We did have p day but it wasn't anything special haha. We couldn't leave because of the snow. We were in the apartment pretty much all day. I got to do a little more scripture reading though so that was good.

8. What were your favorite events of the week?

Meeting some members has been pretty fun. There are some pretty sweet members here. Just being in a new area is exciting.

9. Who was your favorite contact of the week and why?

Moises. He was referred to us by some other missionaries. We contacted him the same day and had a pretty good lesson and got a return appointment. He seems to have pretty good potential.

10. Where is Elder Sexton from and how long has he been in mish, etc. and how are things going after almost week together?

Chino Valley, AZ. He has been out for about a year. He's the District leader of the spanish district. So, when we have district meeting it's all in spanish! Technically, we've been comps for almost seven weeks. But, this past week has been good. We get along pretty well I think.

Yeah, I haven't gotten that letter from Jake yet. Last week was transfers and they don't send any mail a few days befor and a few days after transfers. So, hopefully I get that today. Yes! I'm getting a letter from my long lost bro Mckay! Woo hoo! That will be the first from him. Do you know if he's gotten the ones that I've sent him? Nope. No letters from ward members yet.

These are Dad's monthy PPI questions
1. Are you being obedient? Yes.

2. Are you working hard? Yes.

3. Are you writing in your journal? Yes. I'm still working on catching up too.

4. Are you taking lots of pictures? No. Probably not as many as you would like. I'll send the memory card next p day.

5. Are you praying often? Yes.

6. Are you being a good companion? I believe so. You'll have to ask Elder Sexton

7. How long do you have on the computer on p-day's? We usually try to keep it around an hour.

Bueno familia. Creo que es todo. Les amo muchisimo! Love all y'all! Y'all have a great week!


Elder Barry Kreyling

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