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"Ammon said unto him: I am a man; and man in the beginning was created after the image of God, and I am called by his Holy Spirit to teach these things unto this people, that they may be brought to a knowledge of that which is just and true; And a portion of that Spirit dwelleth in me, which giveth me knowledge and also power according to my faith and desires which are in God."
Alma 18:34-35

Monday, September 12, 2011

E-mail #37 of 2011 9/12/2011 Week 73

Hola familia!
Hey how are y'all doing? This week we got a bit wet on our bikes haha. It was pretty fun though. Then, later on in the week Elder T's pedal fell off so we had to borrow one from the other Elders haha.
Well, this week I have some news. C. is still getting baptized but his date has been moved to the 20th. A week from tomorrow. That is the day before transfers so I hope I am staying so I can see him be confirmed! But, that is in the Lord's hands. He is still doing great with everything. We saw his mother with Bishop W. We talked to her about baptizing C. and she's not sure that he's ready. So, Bishop offered to have a little interview with C. and he will let her know if he feels that he's ready. But, Elder T and I both feel that he is more than ready.
We saw J. L. S. He seemed more open without his girlfriend there haha. His family was there also. He has younger sisters and his two parents. They all listened but it seems that J. is the most interested. The parents seem supportive though. We got the dad to say the closing prayer which was pretty good.
We taught S. R. a few times this week and he is still teaming up with us and feeding us. He's legit haha.
We saw R. He is like the main manager at C's. He told us to go on a sat and he'll hook us up!
Well, those are the main highlights of the week. Sorry, I'm running out of time! I love y'all and hope y'all have an amazing week!!!
Elder Kreyling

Aquí vienen las preguntas de mama de esta semana
Q. ¿Como estas de salud?
A. Bien
Q. ¿Como está el tiempo?
A Muy bien ahora.
Q. ¿Cómo les fue en la capilla hoy?
A. Ayer fue bien. C. asistio y tambien otro hombre que se llama J. Es esposo de una menos activa.
Q. ¿Limpiaron la fuente para zambullir (dunk) en el agua este jueves a C.?
A. Todavia no. Tenemos que conseguir algunas cosas para limpiarla.
Q. ¿Cómo les va con J. L. S.?
A. Bien nos dividimos y yo fui con otro miembro a visitar a J. Toda su familia es amable y todos escucharon. Pero, creo que J. tiene la mas interes. El parece bien y ellos dijeron que van a leer el folleto de la Restauracion. Tambien, J. dijo que va a leer en el Libro de Mormon.
Q. ¿Cómo está tu ropa (clothe)? Are those clothes still worthy of helping you to represent the Lord?
A. Creo que si. Algunas tienen manchas pero no son muy malas.
Q. ¿Qué hiciste de actividad por tu día de preparación?
A. Hoy jugamos al tenis
Q. ¿Nuevas palabras esta semana?
A. peluquero/a. Hairdresser. La coladera o el colador. Strainer. Colar. To strain.
Q. ¿Tienen nuevos investigadores esta semana?
A. J. L. S. Sr.
Q. ¿Recibiste los dear elders?
A. Si gracias!
Q. ¿Ya terminaste de leer todas las cartas de tus amigos que te mande?
A. No todas.
Q ¿Quieres que te mande más cada semana o no?
A. No por el momento. Voy a terminar de leer estas primero.
Q. ¿Puedes pensar en lo que quieres que te mande en la próxima caja?
A. Voy a pensar en eso...
Q. ¿Nos vas a mandar fotos por correo electrónico cada semana? Voy a empezar a hacer eso la proxima semana.

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