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"Ammon said unto him: I am a man; and man in the beginning was created after the image of God, and I am called by his Holy Spirit to teach these things unto this people, that they may be brought to a knowledge of that which is just and true; And a portion of that Spirit dwelleth in me, which giveth me knowledge and also power according to my faith and desires which are in God."
Alma 18:34-35

Monday, March 21, 2011

Week 12 of 2011 E-mail 3/21/2011 Week 48

Went to jail!

Hola familia!

I got an email from Mckay!! I'm gonna be writing him asap. I also forgot to say that I got letters and cards from Bishop and sister smith and also Jack'ee. Thanks for all of that! Ok. I also forgot to say that we went recently to visit someone in jail! We got a referral and we went to visit this guy. We would go back but we need a Dalton drivers license to go back. It was a pretty sweet experience though. Oh, I also recently bought a cheap blender... So, now I can make smoothies!!! Yay haha Anyways, the work is going well. Something came up and so M. wasn't baptized. We aren't letting that get us down though! She apparently still wants to be baptized but there is just some more work to be done. I'll let y'all know how things progress with her. C. went to a fireside last night! He is doing well we just are working on meeting with him more often. We also have Mi. and Leticia that we just recently found. We haven't seen them too much so we are still trying to see if they are legit. Alright, that's basically everything this week. I'll try to send a package for Dad and Kaylee's b days. It will be late but I'll still work on that. Just know that everything is great and that I love y'all!!!


Elder Kreyling

Mom’s list of questions to share with the world!

Q 1. Como estas? (How are you?)

A. Muy bien (Very good)

Q 2. Cómo va la obra Del Señor en tu área? (How is the Lords work going in your area?)

A. Bien. (Good)

Q 3. Alguna experiencia divertida esta semana y por qué? (Did you have a funny experience this week and why?)

A. Un intercambio. An exchange, I think that's how it's spelled haha.

Q 4. Cual ha sido la experiencia más satisfactoria de esta semana y por qué? (What has been your most satisfying experience this week and why?)

A. We had interviews with President Griffin this past week. He had been going around the zone all day pretty much giving interviews. So, he interviewed four missionaries in our district before me. When it was my turn he said something to the effect of Elder Kreyling lets go for a walk outside. He told me he was tired of sitting down for interviews so we walked around the church parking lot for mine haha!

Q 5. What is one of the things you hope for, for the members there Dalton?

A. That there are more members AKA baptisms!

Q 6. Alguna persona interesante esta semana y por qué? (An interesting person this week and why?)

A. Mi. She reminded me of A. ( I found out her name is actually A.) from Loudon. She was really receptive and accepted a baptismal date in our first visit. But, we aren't really sure if she's legit yet.

Q 7. Cuál es tu himno favorito de esta semana? El mío es # 129 where can I turn for peace. ( What is your favorite hymn this week? Mine is #129)

A. There is sunshine in my soul today.

Q 10. Alguna experiencia spiritual esta semana y por qué? ( Any spiritual experience this week and why?)

A. Interviews with President Griffin.

Q 11. Como les va con M.? Se bautizo? (How did it go with M.? Did she get baptized?)

A. No. It didn't happen. I'll just say that we are going to continue working with her.

Q 12. Que ha pasado con C.? ( What has happened with C.?)

A. We weren't able to meet with him this past week but we have an appointment set up this week.

Q 13. Nuevos contactos esta semana? (Any new contacts this week?)

A. Mi. and L.

Q 14. Hablaste con el pres. acerca de tu tío? ( Did you talk with Pres. about your uncle?)

A. Si, voy a excribirles una carta acerca de eso. (Yes, I'm going to write you a letter about it.)

Q 15. Recibiste los dear elder? I sent two (Did you get the dear elder?)

A. Si, gracias! (Yes thanks)

Q 16. Sabes lo que quieres que te mandemos en la caja? (Do you know what you want us to send in the box?)

A. Wallet sized pictures. Like the ones we took when Jack'ee and everyone was there. Also, didn't you tell me something about a book called "finding the one" or something like that? If so I would like that as well. I believe that's everything as well as the stuff from last week's email.

Q 17. Ya regalaste los zapatos? ( Did you give away the shoes?)

A. Todavia no. ( Not yet.)

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