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"Ammon said unto him: I am a man; and man in the beginning was created after the image of God, and I am called by his Holy Spirit to teach these things unto this people, that they may be brought to a knowledge of that which is just and true; And a portion of that Spirit dwelleth in me, which giveth me knowledge and also power according to my faith and desires which are in God."
Alma 18:34-35

Monday, February 7, 2011

Email #6 of 2011 2/7/2011 Week 43

From: Barry Ryan Kreyling
Sent: Monday, February 07, 2011 10:38 AM
To: Mom

She had a spark in her eye

Hola familia,
This week was pretty good. We are still trying to get our investigators to church. They all seem "flojo" or something. We found one potential investigator named Stacy. She was really nice and everything. She said she hasn't gone to church in a while because she's had some experiences that have left a bad taste in her mouth. Like the passing of collection plates or paid ministry. When we told her that nobody gets paid in the church her mouth dropped. Haha she was surprised. She had a look like she thought it was too good to be true. We told her where the church is and we exchanged numbers. She had a spark in her eye when she was telling us she'd been wanting to find a good church and everything. She told us that she will definately be there this coming sunday. She seemed pretty legit. On saturday we had another one of those spanish trainings. Elder Cornish, who is our area seventy, gave us a training. He knows spanish really well. He was a Mission President in the Dominican Republic. We learned quite a bit of good stuff from him. Oh guess what! We had dinner with a family, los Angola, in the branch this past week. He is the second counselor and she goes to the english ward. But, they both served their missions in El Salvador! That's how they met! It was pretty cool talking to them about it. Speaking of that, in your next letter can you send the letter of how you met on dad's mission? And dad in future letters can you include some cool stories from your mission? That would be awesome! Oh I just remembered that I still haven't gotten that letter from jake. I will just have to send him a letter. Oh, that reminds me, could you send me darrin's and joe's addresses? I need to write letters to them before their missions end! Well I am about to run out of time on the computer so I need to get going. But, I love y'all bunches! Tell everyone I love them! The Church is true!

Elder Kreyling

Tiempo par alas preguntas semanales de la madre:

Q. Algo nuevo con Caity? Sabes si ha leido el BOM y ah ido a la iglesia?

A. No, hace como una semana que le hemos hablado con ella. Hemos tratado de textear y llamarle por telefono unas veces. Tambien hemos tratado de pasar su casa para visitarle unas veces. Pero, no podemos contactarle por el momento.
Q. como estan Natanel, Adrian y David ? tienen noticias de ellos?

A. Todavia no hemos hablado con Natanael y Adrian. Solamente hemos hablado con David. El no ha asistido la iglesia los dos domingos pasados porque el fue a la pulga (flea market) para vender cosas.

Q. ya le escribiste a tu abuela?

A. No todavia necesito escribirle.

Q. Alguna experiencia spiritual esta semana?

A. Fuimos a Dalton otra vez para recibir un entranamiento de espanol. Unos lideres de la mision nos ensenaron como podemos mejorar nuestro espanol. Un setenta, Elder Cornish, estaba y el nos dio un entranamiento tambien. Me encanto el entranamiento!

Q. Cual fue tu escritura favorita de esta semana? Yo tengo 2 capitulos! Juan 3 & 4 abla del amor de Dios. Y Nefi 11: 25 abla aserca de la fuente de aguas vivas que representan el amor de Dios.

Q. Como estuvo la iglesia esta semana?

A. Bien. Pero no habia ningun investigador en la iglesia otra vez. Y no habia un maestro de la ultima clase. Entonces, la iglesia termino temprano por una hora. I think that's how to say it haha.

Q. llegaron nuevos investigadores?

A. Si, visitamos a un hombre se llama William. Vimos su nombre en la carpeta del area (area book, I think that's what it's called in spanish haha.) Creo que el va a progresar. El nos dijo que va a asistir la iglesia. En la iglesia vamos a comprometerle por bautismo.

Q hablaron muy seriamente con Natanael?

A. No, cada vez que hemos ido a visitarle el no ha estado. Pero, creo que vamos a hablar seriamente con Adrian porque el es "flojo" y el necesita un kick in his behind haha.

Q. Como esta Victor? Hay algún progreso con él?

A. Bien, si el nos dijo que el iba a hablar con su gefe para pedir libres los domingos. Creo que vamos a visitar y hablarle sobre eso manana.

Q. Sabes si Markis, Megan y Caity fueron a la iglesia esta semana?

A. No, Markis y megan no asistieron ayer. Y como dije antes hace un buen tiempo que no hemos hablado con Caity.

Q. Qué hay de nuevo con los hippies? Los han visto otra vez para ver si han leído el BOM?

A. Tratamos de visitarles dos veces creo, pero no contestaron cuando tocamos su puerta. Creo que ellos bebian cuando pasamos. Creo que vamos a tratar de visitarles otra vez cuando estamos en eso area.

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