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"Ammon said unto him: I am a man; and man in the beginning was created after the image of God, and I am called by his Holy Spirit to teach these things unto this people, that they may be brought to a knowledge of that which is just and true; And a portion of that Spirit dwelleth in me, which giveth me knowledge and also power according to my faith and desires which are in God."
Alma 18:34-35

Monday, February 14, 2011

Email #7 of 2011 2/14/2011 Week 43

We have our awesome investigator

Hola familia!
Gracias por la direccion de Darrin. Gracias papa por la carta. Did I ask y'all for Joe W.'s address too? I can't remember but I would like his too. Do you know if the Heatons and Jack'ee got my letters? I still haven't gotten that letter from Jake. I will just have to send him one. This past week was pretty good. We found some new people; both spanish and english. We had a Zone Conference in Farragut on Thursday. This past week we had an exchange with the Pigeon Forge Elders. Elder Sexton went to Pigeon Forge to interview an investigator for baptism. The greenie, Elder Roggeman, came here with me. It was pretty fun. We are teaching a familiy who was baptized in honduras. They have been here for a while but have not been to church because they didn't know there was one here. Their names aren't on the records here so we are trying to get things straghtened out. The dad isn't a member so there is good potential for him to be baptized. I haven't met the dad yet but Elder Sexton says he seems interested and everything. Today we taught Victor. He is AWESOME haha He has told us twice, once on the phone and once on the exchange, that he wants to go tracting with us! He said he wants to tell his old church about Joseph Smith and that they need to know these things and everything! He's not baptized but he really wants to share these things. I think we are going to ask him for a reference on wednesday when we see him next. Oh, and you know how we have been having a hard time getting him to church because of his work? When we talked with him today we asked him what time he starts work. He said ten. Perfect, church starts at nine! That was essencially what we told him. We asked him to start small by coming even if it's just for 30 mins. He told us that he will go to church. He pretty much said that he will go and be a little late for work because he knows he needs to be in church! We saw Mateo y Marta with Hermano Nicho. They have told us they want to get married. We taught them about marriage and the law of chastity from 4 Nephi. Hermano Nicho testified of the difference between being married and not. We told them they could get help from the church to get married. It was a pretty good lesson we thought. They didn't come to church yesterday but hopefully they will come next week. There weren't even members at church yesterday haha. I'm not sure what happened but we are really working to improve things around here. But, overall things are looking good. We have our awesome investigator, Victor. He will be baptized for sure! We committed him for March 6th today and he said yes! So, he just needs to come to church a couple of times and he'll be baptized! Oh, I forgot to tell you that I drove on our exchange for the first time since like my second or third transfer! I think we will be going on an exchange with Elder Maxwell, the one who knows darrin and the o'dells, this week. It's kinda weird and crazy. Some things happened in the mission and our zl's had to split up. Our one zl, Elder Harrison, is with the Assistants while Elder Maxwell is in Bays Mountain with Elder Phippin who he trained. But, that's a whole different story haha. But, I need to be going soon. Just know that I love y'all and that everythings going well. The Church is True! Love y'all!!!!! XOXOXOXOXOXO
Elder Barry Kreyling

(Editor's note: Because Barry is learning Spanish, his mom is writing her questions in Spanish. This will allow him to practice. Time permitted we will translate when we can.)

Tiempo para las preguntas semanales de la madre:

Q. Como estuvo la iglesia esta semana?

A. Mas o menos haha. Casi no habia nadie en la iglesia. Pues, en la rama de Espanol habia el Presidente Cruze, Hermano Copeland, Hermano Shafer, una mujer que toca el piano y su esposo (ellos hablan puro ingleis), Hermano Nicho, y el Elder Sexton y Yo. El hermano Nicho fue el solo hispano. Entonces, la reunion fue en ingleis. Era la primera vez que la reunion sacramental fue en ingleis.

Q. tuvieron nuevos investigadores esta semana o todavía estan flojos?

A. Si, encontramos unos nuevos. Dustin, Romano y marcelo.

Q. Alguna experiencia espiritual y por qué?

A. Hoy ensenamos a Victor. El nos dijo que va a asistir la iglesia antes de tiene que trabajar El acepto un compromiso bautismal por el 6 de marzo El es AWESOME y de oro haha

Q. Cual fueron los eventos favoritos de la semana y por qué?

A. La conferencia de Zona. Me gusto mucho. Aprendi muchas cosas buenas. Se me olvido decirles pero el Elder Maxwell es uno de mis lideres de Zona. El es el uno que conoce a Darrin y los O'dell. Tambien el Elder Matt Condie era uno de mis Lideres de Zona el translado pasado.

Q. Quien fue tu contacto favorito de la semana y por qué?

A. Dustin. El nos dijo que el quiere aprender de la iglesia. Nos dijo que cuando sepa que es verdad, sera bautizado.

Q. Himno favorito esta semana? El mío es Yo Creo en Jesucristo.

A. Venid a mi

Q. Cuál es tu escritura favorita esta semana? La mía es D&C 84: 80

A. 3 Nephi 12: 1 Y 2

Q. Como esta Stacy han tenido suerte con ella?

A. Ya no. Vamos a pasar para visitarle manana o tal vez el proximo dia.

Q. Como están Natanel, Adrian y David ? algo nuevo con ellos?

A. David esta bien. Todavia va a la pulga los domingos. Natanael esta mas o menos ahora mismo. Todavia no hemos hablado con Adrian.

Q. Como están las cosas con tu compañero?

A. Bien. Todo esta bien

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