Badal and Kreyling Backroads Tennessee
"Ammon said unto him: I am a man; and man in the beginning was created after the image of God, and I am called by his Holy Spirit to teach these things unto this people, that they may be brought to a knowledge of that which is just and true; And a portion of that Spirit dwelleth in me, which giveth me knowledge and also power according to my faith and desires which are in God."
Alma 18:34-35

Thursday, April 29, 2010

E-mail From Elder Kreyling 4/29/2010

Dear Dad,
Yeah I can't wait to get out there (Tennessee). I sent letters to you, mom and Sam today. It's snowing today... Weird. Haha it's snowed and rained a few times so far. We hosted new missionaries yesterday... In the snow. On Tuesday we had a devotional. Elder L. Tom Perry and his wife spoke in it! It was awesome to have an apostle speak to us and tell us we have the authority and power to do this work. Oh, I wrote you about the Dixie game in my letter. Well I was just barely able to get to a computer but my laundry is almost done. Time to fold! Oh! Please remind family and friends to write!
I love you!

I got some more time after I finished my laundry to email ya. I was just kidding about missing my messes. Haha but yeah, my companion talked to my DL and then talked to me. He asked me what I thought he could do to be a better companion. So I told him what I thought, I was honest but not mean. So, hopefully things improve there. But, I have less than a week already, it's going by so fast! I sent a letter to you and dad in the same envelope. L. Tom Perry spoke to us at a devotional on Tuesday, it was so awesome! But yeah, things are going well here and I can't wait to get to Tennessee! I'll email again next P day.

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