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"Ammon said unto him: I am a man; and man in the beginning was created after the image of God, and I am called by his Holy Spirit to teach these things unto this people, that they may be brought to a knowledge of that which is just and true; And a portion of that Spirit dwelleth in me, which giveth me knowledge and also power according to my faith and desires which are in God."
Alma 18:34-35

Monday, December 5, 2011

E-mail #49 of 2011 12/05/2011 Week 85

Carta # 49 de 2011

It was a really uplifting

Hola familia!

Thanks for J. and J.’s new address! This is an exciting time of the year. Well, it's always an exciting time as a missionary it seems. L. still has a date for this Saturday. While we were driving yesterday Elder P. called him up because he wasn't able to make it to church because of work. Elder P. had a hard time understanding him. But, I guess L. said something about having already been baptized into the Evangelical church. So, we are going to try to see him today to help him resolve that concern so he'll be baptized this Saturday. I believe that we will be able to help him with this.

I keep forgetting to tell y'all this, but I remembered today! There is a legit member in the ward named Bro R. He is the owner of the Cancer Fund of America. Every Tuesday we do volunteer work there as a service opportunity. I have some pics that I'll be sending soon. It's a really nice place to offer service.

Each Sunday we meet with the Bishop here. He gave us a ward directory when we first arrived and we have been helping to update it. On Sundays we let the Bishop know the things we've done. We tell him if people have moved and so on. It's been a really great way to gain the trust of the Bishop here. Because we've been working on it, there have been a few less actives in our area that’ve come back to church recently. The Bishop seems really happy about that. One unique thing that we did yesterday is we received a blessing from Bishop R. That was a suggestion from Elder H. when he came to the mission a couple weeks ago. It was a really uplifting experience getting that blessing.

For this past district meeting Elder G. asked Elder R. and I to do the training. The zone leaders and the assistants were there. It was a good district meeting. Elder R. and I had a good time preparing and giving the training.

Well, that's pretty much everything this week. Hope y'all have a great week! Take care and I love y'all!


Elder Barry Kreyling

Q. ¿Cómo está el tiempo? How is the weather?

A. Frio a veces. Pero, estoy bien gracias. It’s cold some times, but I’m fine thank you.

Q. ¿Cómo están los investigadores D. y L.? How are the investigators D. & L.?

A. D. esta más o menos. El jugaba al futbol americano en la escuela. El y su equipo jugaron en el partido final pero perdieron... L. todavía tiene la fecha. Vamos a tratar de visitarle esta noche. D. is more or less. He played football for the school. His team playesd the final game ,but lost…. L. still has a date. We’ll try to visit him tonight.

Q. ¿Ya esta lista la pila para L.? Is the fount ready for L.?

A. Todavía necesita un poco más prep. Not yet, it still needs some prep.

Q. ¿Sabes algo de las personas de Etiopia y de Tailandia? Anything on the Ethiopian & Thailand people?

A. No, no han estado en casa... No, they have not been home….

Q. ¿Encontraron nuevas personas para enseñar esta semana? Did you find new people to teach this week?

A. Algunas. Some.

Q. ¿Qué quieres o necesitas que te mande para Navidad? What do you want or need me to send you for Christmas?

A. Tal vez el libro que se llama "The Infinite Atonement". Si lo pueden encontrar. Maybe the book “The Infinite Atonement” if you can find it.

Q. ¿Sabes cuándo tendrás traslados otra vez? I know it’s coming up soon-man time is flying by so fast! Do you know when you’re getting transfers again?

A. El 14. The 14th

Q. Do you have pictures for today?

A. No, lo siento otra vez. No, I’m sorry again.

Q. can you write a list of questions to have ready for the Christmas call?

A How is the family mission plan? Have y'all made profiles on

We are being so lame….. He asked us to do this a long time ago, and we’ve been slacking off what’s wrong with us?!

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